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Gag Man Lee Sang-joon Denied His Relationship With Fellow Comedian Oh Na-mi

Kim Min-kyung and Lee Sang-joon appeared as guests on the SBS radio Doosi Escape Cult Two Show, which aired on the afternoon of October 10th, 2019.

Kim Min-kyung said, “Oh Na-mi and Lee Sang-joon really communicate a lot.”

Lee Sang-jun replied, “It is true that I contact her often, but it is about a job.”

Nevertheless, Kim Min-kyung and DJ Kim Tae-kyun accused Lee Sang-joon. The two of them asked, “I received an article where it said that Lee Sang-joon bought Oh Na-mi a luxury sneaker which cost 1 million won. Is it true?”

“I personally liked the sneaker, I never bought it for my girlfriend,” he laughed. In addition, Lee Sang-joon said, “Oh Na-mi is a good friend, so I thank her by buying it for her. Oh Na-mi is thankful and keeps talking about it.”

Well, what do you think about their relationship? Is it just friendship or is there something more?

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