‘Oh My Venus!’ Drama: Story Behind Chemistry Between So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah


The Most Loved On-Screen Couple of 2015, Actor So Ji-Sub & Actress Shin Min-Ah

The Korean drama series Oh My Venus aired its very first episode in November 2015 and starred So Ji-Sub and Shin Min-ah as the main characters. The drama is a romantic comedy centering around childhood friends who go on a journey to find love and health together. Thanks to the popularity of the drama, both actors gained a lot of new international fans and became the most popular couple that year. The drama became a hot topic as the couple showed their warm and romantic chemistry on screen. Let’s talk about their chemistry on Oh My Venus and other related trivia!

So Ji-Sub & Shin Min-Ah in Oh My Venus


In the drama, So Ji-Sub acted as a trainer named Kim Young-Ho who comes from a wealthy family, but a traumatic childhood incident changed his life. He is a good trainer because he quietly and stubbornly pursues a goal and helps others to do the same. Meanwhile, Shin Min-Ah played Kang Joo, a woman who is overweight and out of shape in the middle of her career as a lawyer. So, one day, Kang Joo decides to hire a personal trainer, which is later revealed to be Kim Young-Ho.

The news that So Ji-Sub and Shin Min-Ah were appearing in a drama together made many people excited because it was their comebacks after a long break of over a year from the small screen. The drama itself delightfully depicts the process of truly loving not only the outside but also the inside. In particular, the superior beauty of the two brought out the pleasant atmosphere in every episode.

It is undeniable that their chemistry was heart fluttering, and their visuals are off the charts. Many fans referred to this couple as perfection and hoped that they would become a real couple. However, unfortunately, the actress admitted to dating model-turned-actor Kim Woo-Bin in real life even before the drama began.

Facts & Trivia About the Oh My Venus Couple: Advertisements, Awards, Etc.

  • They are called the SoShin couple (So from So Ji-Sub and Shin from Shin Min-Ah).
  • Before being cast in the drama, the actors previously appeared in a series of commercials together. They had a two-year modeling contract to shoot couple photos for the clothing brand Giordano, which provided plenty of opportunities for skinship. The clothing brand campaign featured a much-talked-about passionate kiss in the desert.
  • They both won Best Couple in 2015 at the 29th KBS Drama Awards.

Photo Collection of the Oh My Venus Couple