K-Drama Review: ‘Oh My Venus’ Emphasizes the Importance of Inner Health Over Beauty

Oh My Venus: The Soundtrack


Jong-hyun – Beautiful Lady

Lovelyz Kei -Love is Like That

Kim Tae Woo & Ben – Darling U

Mllll – It’s me

Lyn, Shin Yong-jae – That Person

Tei – I’ll be there

Snuper – Oh My Venus

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Oh My Venus


Shin Min-ah’s Comeback Drama after 3 Years

Oh My Venus is the comeback drama after her previous drama Arang and the Magistrate. Shin Min-ah’s appearance has always been awaited by Korean drama fans because of the success of the dramas she stars in, the most popular is My Girlfriend is Gumiho.

Shin Min-ah’s Appearance as an overweight woman

Shin Min-ah is well known as one of the ‘Goddess’ actresses; she has a natural beauty that makes many people fall in love with her, still, she is a talented actress too. To make Shin Min-ah’s transformation, it took seven to eight professional stylist. To make a chubby chin, Shin Min-ah must also wear additional silicone and also wear special clothes.

So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah’s Excellent Chemistry

Not the first time they meet in a joint project made this drama to be eagerly awaited by Korean drama fans. In the past, they had done a project together by shooting the Giordano commercial.

Funny and Interesting Supporting Characters

Most of the supporting characters have their own stories, it doesn’t have a big impact on the whole story but adds more feeling to the main story itself. Not all characters in this series have a purpose though.

Mature-style Love Story

And while the main love story between Young-ho and Joo-eun is wonderfully mature, both emotionally and physically, it makes people really love this couple and hope they really end up together in real life.

The simplicity of the plot of this drama is the greatest charming point of Oh My Venus. Nevertheless, there are amazing moral points behind the story, such as the benefits of healthy living, domestic abuse, and violence against women. Really hope they will have the next project together again, but regardless of what they choose to venture on, let’s keep giving them love and support.