Accused of Having Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Oh My Girl’s Yoo-a Pre-debut Photos and Now!

Get Accused of Having Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery accusations that landed on Yoo-a all started with her appearance on Radio Star, a famous talk show that discusses personal and controversial issues regarding the celebrities that are guests on the show. In the episode that Yoo-a appeared in, the hosts discuss her looks during her time in middle school and added a picture of her boasting her puffy haircut and glasses. Not only that, they highlighted how different she looks then and now.

Yoo-a responded carefully and sidestepped any questions regarding plastic surgery, admitting to not having anything done to her face. This did not stop netizens from speculating otherwise, as the photo made its rounds across the internet. Netizens made post upon post about how she must have had something done on her eyes and also her nose.

Eventually, the speculations caused by the talk show died down, but that did not mean that the netizens stopped there. It was not until the group came back with the song ‘Coloring Book,’ that the netizens really hit hard with their quest to find out the truth behind Yoo-a’s eyelids. It all stemmed from a picture taken by Dispatch as part of the group’s promotions, with Yoo-a sporting bunny headband and closing her eyes halfway.

The picture above highlighted the folds found in Yoo-a’s eyelids, something that supposedly was not there before. Netizens essentially pointed out that in natural double eyelids, the fold is not supposed to be that prominent with the eyes closed, it should dissolve and not create a harsh line, as pictured above.

Netizen’s Reaction

Netizens and fans reactions are quite polarizing on both sides. As mentioned before, it was mostly netizens who initiated the accusations regarding her plastic surgery but some circled back and went on to support Yoo-a after fans uploaded posts defending her, saying that she has mentioned before that she is a natural beauty. These posts defending her are usually equipped with her pre-debut pictures and pictures from promotions before ‘Coloring Book.’

One fan commented, ‘The first picture (in this post) shows the charming Yoo-a who had monolids, but recently it seems to have disappearedㅜㅜ whether it is from surgery or just a natural change in her features, I don’t know for sure but as of now a lot people are saying that it is due to the loss of fat around the eye area.’ Another fan commented, ‘There is no difference in how she looks before and how she looks now especially in the high school graduation picture you can’t tell the difference… Even in the pictures from way back there are no differences… Members of Oh My Girl is said to have not gotten plastic surgery at all but I’m particularly sure about Yoo-a ㅇㅇ..’

This shows that even with speculations regarding her looks, netizens and fans alike are still willing to believe her statement and try to think as positively as possible. Eyelid folds suddenly appearing is not a rare occurrence and has been documented before, in both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. It is usually attributed to the loss of fat around the eyes, as previously mentioned by fans.

Latest News

Oh My Girl just announced their upcoming comeback in May. Fans have been awaiting the return of the 7-member girl-group after their hit from their sixth mini album, ‘Remember Me,’ which was released last September. There have been speculations beforehand as to the group’s comeback sometime in late spring – early summer but On April 20, as Oh My Girl held their fan meeting “Miracle Today”, they revealed that they will be releasing their first full-length album on May 8.

WM Entertainment confirmed the news on April 22 and said, “Oh My Girl has officially set their comeback date for May 8. As this will be the group’s first full-length album since their debut, the members are working harder than ever to prepare for it. Please anticipate Oh My Girl’s comeback.