Accused of Having Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Oh My Girl’s Yoo-a Pre-debut Photos and Now!

Is Oh My Girl Yoo-a’s Beauty A Result of Going Under The Knife?

Oh My Girl has been an up and coming girl-group ever since their debut in 2015, with sleeper hits such as ‘Cupid,’ ‘Closer,’ and ‘Liar Liar.’ It wasn’t until their hit song, ‘Secret Garden,’ they earned their first number 1 on the Korean streaming charts and won on the weekly music shows. This finally gave them the spotlight that they deserved and put each of the members in the forefront. One of those members is Yoo-a, who is known to be the group’s visual and lead dancer. She has been talked about before for having an older brother who is a famous choreographer on YouTube, as well as some minor scandals involving her being caught lying on air. Despite it, she trudged on and prove to the netizens that she is more than just her scandals and connection.

Most of all, Yoo-a is known for her stunning beauty and slim figure. One of her most famous nicknames is the 9-head Golden Ratio Beauty, for having such a small head that it creates an illusion of an ideal body ratio. Her face and all-over proportions might be the focus of most fans and netizens who admire her beauty, but another charming point that she possesses is her slanted eyes, which make her look alluring and mysterious. This is also thanks to the fact that she has a monolid eye, in which the eye folds inwards and does not create a crease.

What is shocking to fans is that during Oh My Girl’s comeback for the single ‘Coloring Book,’ Yoo-a has suddenly developed a double eyelid, something that could be attributed to both an eyelid surgery or the creases naturally appearing. So what is the truth behind Yoo-a’s double eyelid that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere? Let’s take a look at her visuals through out the eras and the controversial picture that sparked discussions of her going under the knife!

Yoo-a’s Stunning Visual

As mentioned before, Yoo-a has been known to be one of Oh My Girl’s key visuals, as she has the ideal Korea figure and a small face. Not only that, her features set her apart from the other members, with a set of large, slanted eyes and a tiny nose. Her features are said to remind fans of a fox, as it is dainty but definitive.

During Oh My Girl’s debut era, promoting the song ‘Cupid,’ she was known for her charming monolid eyes and pink streaks. She was also in the center of the choreography and had a significant number of parts in the song. It didn’t take long for fans to fall for her amazing dancing and captivating aura. In this era, particularly, fans also have said that she reminded them of a doll, because of her dainty features.

yooa oh my girl

Fans continued to fall for her beauty as time went by, with songs such as ‘Closer,’ Liar Liar,’ and others cementing the group’s place in the K-pop scene. Furthermore, the news of her beauty spread among fans and netizens online, through forums and social media. They had taken a liking to her for her bright and upbeat personality, as well as amazing dancing skills. Coupled with her beauty, it is just the right combination to earn her the nickname of ‘Ipdeok Fairy,’ or the member that made fans enter the fandom.

Pre-debut Photos

Yoo-a’s beauty, it seems, has been something of a defining trait, even in her childhood. As seen through some pictures that have surfaced from her in her early years, Yoo-a has always been very pretty and her features just seem to mature as she ages beautifully.

The picture above, taken from a television show, reveals Yoo-a’s time as a preschooler, depicts a little Yoo-a that essentially has the same features as she does now, with the trademark monolid eyes and dainty features. Yoo-a looks in wonder as she relives her childhood days, as if she, too, is surprised that she has grown up with minimal changes to her features.

The same could be said for the pictures that were taken in her middle school days, a time she has said encompassed her darkest days. Yoo-a followed the trends with the puffy, layered hair that was all the rage in the late ’00s and still sports thick-rimmed glasses, something she has traded for contact lenses in recent years.