Get To Know the Leader of the Girl group Oh! My Girl, Choi Hyo-jung: Profile, Pre-debut Days, and More!


Let’s take a look on Oh! My Girl’s latest updates on their official Instagram account below!


Most Recent News

On May 28th, 2019, through Oh! My Girl’s official Twitter account, Hyo-jung announced the opening of her own YouTube channel and how she wrote her own song inspired by Oh! My Girl’s fans.

“My Miracle loves me so much that I made my own songs and edited videos I’m going to upload another video! I love you a lot! ><.” – Oh! My Girl’s Hyo-jung

Through her announcement on Twitter, she linked her own vlog that captured the atmosphere of the spring season. During a self-record that took 1 minute in the video, Oh! My Girls’ Hyo-jung looked really pretty with a soft natural make-up while she walked around the street and was eating ice cream.

Have you watched Oh! My Girls’ Hyo-jung first video on her official YouTube channel?

That was the run-through of Oh! My Girls’ Hyo-jung’s full profile and her most recent news. Those of you who weren’t familiar with her from before, we hope that you could support Oh! My Girl and Hyo-jung’s promotion in the future and also with their recent comeback with The Fifth Season (SSFW) this year!