Everything About WM Entertainment First Subunit Girl Group, Oh My Girl BANHANA: Debut Stage, Album Details, etc.


WM Entertainment’s Girl Group, Oh My Girl

OMG, or the abbreviation for OH MY GIRL, is a popular girl group from WM Entertainment. This group consists of 7 members, but at first, there were 8 members, however, JinE decided to leave the group due to health reasons. OH MY GIRL (OMG) debuted with the release of their first mini-album OH MY Girl 1st Mini Album, released on April 21st, 2015, containing 4 songs with the main track “Cupid.” After waiting for 3 years, finally, they won their first trophy on the weekly music program, The Show on SBS on January 23rd, 2018, and then their second trophy, they won on MBC’s Show Champion with the song “Secret Garden.”

A piece of news came from WM Entertainment saying that they formed the first subunit of this group. Who are the members that are in this subunit and what’s the group’s name? To answer these questions, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of WM Entertainment’s first subunit girl group of OH MY Girl. So, stay tuned and scroll down this article.

Oh My Girl BANHANA Group Details

Oh my girl BANHANA

After their comeback in January, about three months after OH MY GIRL greeted their fans, called Miracles, by releasing a special pop-up album, the group appeared in a special sub-formation. On April 2nd, 2018, OH MY GIRL subunit called OH MY GIRL BANHANA, released the album titled Banana Allergy Monkey along with a music video to support it.

We can see from the music video, that the subunit consists of three of the members of the original group, namely Hyojung, Binnie, and Arin. The concept taken is very different from OH MY GIRL. The concept of this subunit presents a variety of unique concepts, ranging from natural explorers, young people who are in the middle of space exploring and a lot more.

The main song “Banana Allergy Monkey” is a song of the electro house genre with a catchy melody. Although this group is only a subunit, all of the members of OH MY GIRL participated in the making of the music video. If you don’t know who the members are, then look at the profile and facts below!

1. Hyojung

Oh my girl BANHANA

Real Name: Choi Hyo Jung (최효정)

Stage Name: Hyojung (효정)

Date and Place of Birth: July 28th, 1994, Yanyang, Ganwon, South Korea

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 46 Kg

Blood type: AB

Zodiac: Leo

2. Binnie

Oh my girl BANHANA

Real Name: Bae Yubin (배유빈)

Stage Name: Binnie (비니)

Date and Place of Birth: September 9th, 1997, Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Zodiac: Virgo

Blood Type: O

3. Arin 

Oh my girl BANHANA

Real Name: Choi Ye-Won (최예원)

Stage Name: Arin (아린)

Date and Place of Birth: June 18th, 1998, Busan, South Korea

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Zodiac: Gemini

Blood Type: O

After this group appeared, many people said that the concept was too cute and weird. Because they compared it with OH MY GIRL’s previous comeback, Secret Garden.

Let’s check out their music video!

Album Details and Schedule Released

Banana Allergy Monkey is a special album from OH MY GIRL BANHANA. The album was released on April 2nd, 2018, with “Banana Allergy Monkey” as the title song. Besides the title song, this special pop-up album also contains several other songs, such as “Ukiuki Waikiki” as an intro song. Then, there’s is a song sung by the members who didn’t join the subunit, (Banana Monkeys without allergies) Jiho, YooA, and Mimi, as well as a solo song from Seunghee. Their album has a 2nd version, there’s a Pink and a yellow package.

Let’s check the tracklist below!

Title year Album
Ukiuki Waikiki (Intro) 2018 Banana Allergy Monkey
Banana Allergy Monkey (바나나 알러지 원숭이) (Hyojung, Binnie, Arin)
It is Said (하더라) (Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho)
I’m Not in Love With You (반한 게 아냐) (Seunghee solo)

Here’s the teaser of them before the album and music video were released!

Debut Showcase Details

On the same day the album was released, they also held a debut showcase, on April 2nd, 2018. They introduced the concept, sang and danced all the songs from their album. All members sang their respective songs. Take a look at the video below.

Debut Stage Compilation

After making their debut showcase, their first debut stage took place on the weekly music program THE SHOW that aired on the SBS channel the next day, after they released the album. Then, they also performed on the other weekly music program M! Countdown aired on Mnet (April 5th, 2018). If you missed their debut performance, check out the videos below!

Japan Debut

Oh my girl BANHANA

Besides debuting in South Korea, they also did a promotion and debut in another country. On June 11th, it was announced that OH MY GIRL BANHANA (バナナが食べれないサル) debuted in Japan and signed with Ariola Japan. On August 28th, 2018, they officially debuted in Japan and they held a showcase. Then, on August 29th, they released the Japan mini-album Banana Allergy Monkey that has 3 editions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition.

The International edition of the album was released on August 31st, with 6 tracks, including only Japanese versions of the songs and instrumental versions. On September 1st, it was announced that the song would be featured as the closing theme for Tokyo TV program JAPAN COUNTDOWN.

On the album that they released in Japan, there are very many bonuses and additional songs, there are even some altered versions of their existing songs. Here’s the tracklist with various versions!

Japanese Version/Japanese Edition

Title Album
“Ukiuki Waikiki” Intro Banana Allergy Monkey Japan Album
“Banana Allergy Monkey” (Japanese Ver.) (バナナが食べれないサル; Banana ga taberenai saru)
“It is Said” (Japanese Ver.) (そうなんだって; Sou nandatte)
“I’m Not in Love With You” Japanese Ver.) (惚れたんじゃない; Horetan janai)
Banana Allergy Monkey (바나나 알러지 원숭이; Banana alleoji weonsungi)
“It is Said” (하더라; Hadeora)
“I’m Not in Love with You” 반한 게 아냐; Banhan ge anya)
“Banana Allergy Monkey”  (Instrumental) (Regular edition/digital only)
“It is Said”  (Instrumental) (Regular edition/digital only)
“I’m Not in Love with You”  (Instrumental) (Regular edition / digital only)


CD Japanese version/International digital edition

Title Album
Banana Allergy Monkey (Japanese Ver.) (バナナが食べれないサル; Banana ga taberenai saru) Banana Allergy Monkey Japan Album
It is said (Japanese Ver.) (そうなんだって; Sou nandatte)
I’m not in love with you (Japanese Ver.) (惚れたんじゃない; Horetan janai)
Banana Allergy Monkey (Instrument)
It is said (Instrument)
I’m not in love with you (Instrument)


Inside the limited edition A, there are music videos from both the Korean and Japanese versions of the songs. However, in the limited edition B, there is only the Japanese version of the music video.

Latest News

After promoting as a subunit OH MY GIRL BANHANA, they appeared on stage with the full line-up and treated their fans. On May 3rd, 2019, OH MY GIRL released a one by one teaser comeback of all the members. The concept that they used is full of white, representing values, such as chastity and tenderness. On May 8th, they released the music video for their most recent comeback “The Fifth Season.” OH MY GIRL BANHANA hasn’t released a new song recently because the main group made a comeback. So, be patient guys!

That was all the information about WM Entertainment’s subunit, OH MY GIRL BANHANA. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!