Get to Know Korean Actor Oh Min-suk: Profile, Love Life, Instagram, and Drama List

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Meet Korean Actor Oh Min-suk

Oh Min-suk is a South Korean actor who was born in Seoul on April 22, 1980. Before using his original name, Oh Min-suk used the stage name Han Ki-joo. He is known to be fluent in English, and he can play some instruments like the piano and drums. Oh Min-suk graduated from Kyunghee University with a major in business administration.

He made his debut in 2006 through the movie Cruel Winter Blues as a cameo. He also starred in the variety show We Got Married season 4 with actress Kang Ye-won. The couple pretended to be married and showed how the two would date. The couple received positive results from netizens. The chemistry that they showed gained support from people for the couple to actually date in real life. Oh Min-suk responded to the request by saying that the two have a good relationship, and they support and cheer each other on as good friends.

Oh Min-suk’s Love Life

Who Is His Girlfriend?

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On We Got Married, Oh Min-suk told a story about his ex-girlfriend. The story was before Oh Min-suk became an actor, and he dated a celebrity and got dumped by her. The reason why he got dumped was that his ex-girlfriend chose to be a celebrity rather than be with him, leaving him with a painful memory for the place the two broke up at. As for now, Oh Min-suk has not shared any new stories about a lover, but he once stated that he is single right now.


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Oh Min-suk actively uses social media. He has an Instagram account under the name @oh_min_suk that already has more than eighty thousand followers and 229 posts. He uses his Instagram to communicate with his fans. Oh Min-suk loves to share his photos and his activities such as when he is filming a drama or when he has a photo shoot. But, he also likes to post about random things like a street musician he met in a subway in New York or the clouds in New York.

If you go searching through his Instagram posts, you will see some photos of a little girl name Oh Seung-ah. She is Oh Min-suk’s niece. He loves to share their activities together, and he never forgets to post on his niece’s birthday, indicating the two have a close relationship. Under photos of him and Seung-ah, many fans tease him by saying he should have one instead. On his Instagram, you will also see his relationships with his friends and partners in various dramas. You can see how he is a friendly and easy-going person.


oh min suk

Oh Min-suk’s first role in a movie was in Cruel Winter Blues in 2006. After that, he played in several titles. His role in the movie Hello My Love in 2009 signified his first role as the main character in a movie. He played the character Yoo Won-jae who goes abroad to study. He promised his girlfriend to marry her after 10 years, but after his return, his girlfriend found out he had an intimate relationship with his friend Lee Dong-hwa. The movie received both criticisms and praises from viewers. In 2013, Oh Min-suk played another main role in Do You Hear She Sings. Here is the list of Oh Min-suk’s movies.

  • Cruel Winter Blues – Man playing a musical instrument at 61st birthday party (cameo) (2006)
  • Zig Zag Love – Min-sung (2007)
  • Hello My Love – Yoo Won-jae (2009)
  • Sector 7 – Yoon Hyun-woo (2011)
  • Do You Hear She Sings? – Kyung-ho (2013)
  • Virgin Theory: 7 Steps to Get on the Top – Kang Ki-tae (2014)
  • Love Clinic – Owner of a foreign car (cameo) (2015)
  • Proof of Innocence – Cha Jin-seok (2016)
  • Road Kill – Min-cheol (2017)


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In 2006, Oh Min-suk’s acting captured many audiences, allowing him to play the main role in a drama right after his debut. His first main role in a drama was in Love and Hate when he played as Park Seung-pyo, the younger brother. He also played main roles in other dramas such as Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son, Chosun Police, Pit-a-pat, My Love, All About My Mom, Secrets of Women, and many others. He won an award in the Best Dressed category at the 4th APAN Star Awards in 2015 for his role in the drama All About My Mom. In 2016, he won another award at the KBS Drama Awards in the category Excellent Award, Actor in a Daily Drama for his role in Secrets of Women. Here is the list of Oh Min-suk’s dramas.

  • I’ll Go with You – Kwang-soo/ SBS (2006)
  • Love and Hate – Park Seung-pyo/ SBS (2006)
  • Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son – Kang Seung-ho/ SBS (2007)
  • My Precious You – Baek Jae-ra’s teacher/ KBS2 (2008)
  • Joseon Mystery Detective Jung Yak-yong – Hwang Young (Episode 7)/ OCN (2009)
  • Chosun Police (Season 3) – Cha Geon-woo/ MBC Dramanet (2010)
  • Pit-a-Pat, My Love – Jung Do-hyung/ KBS2 (2011)
  • Special Affairs Team TEN – Kim Sun-woo (Episode 4)/ OCN (2011)
  • I Do, I Do – Jake Han/ MBC (2012)
  • One Thousandth Man – Min-suk (Episode 1)/ MBC (2012)
  • Ugly Cake – Oh Tae-soo/ MBC (2012)
  • Nine – Kang Seo-joon/ tvN (2013)
  • Cheo Yong – Kang Han-tae (Episode 10)/ OCN (2014)
  • God’s Gift – 14 Days – Yoon Jae-han/ SBS (2014)
  • Gunman in Joseon – Min Young-ik/ KBS2 (2014)
  • Misaeng: Incomplete Life – Kang Hae-joon/ tvN (2014)
  • Misaengmul – Kang Hae-joon (Episode 1)/ tvN (2015)
  • Kill Me, Heal Me – Cha Ki-joon/ MBC (2015)
  • All About My Mom – Lee Hyung-gyu/ KBS2 (2015)
  • Secrets of Women – Yoo Kang-woo/ KBS2 (2016)
  • The King in Love – Song In/ MBC (2017)
  • Queen of Mystery 2 – Gye Sung-Woo/ KBS2 (2018)

Variety Shows

Oh Min-suk has starred on several variety shows. A notable appearance was when he joined the cast of We Got Married season 4 with actress Kang Ye-won. The couple received a lot of love from audiences who hoped both of them would date in real life. In 2015, Oh Min-suk won Popularity Award for Variety Show at the 15th MBC Entertainment Awards for his appearance on We Got Married. Here is the list of Oh Min-suk’s variety show appearances.

oh min suk
  • We Got Married (Season 4) – Cast member with Kang Ye-won (Episodes 276–310)/ MBC (2015)
  • Problematic Man – Guest (Ep. 99)/ tvN (2015)
  • Suspicious Vacation – Cast member with Jeon Seok-ho (Episodes 3–4)/ KBS2 (2016)
  • King of Mask Singer – Contestant as “Einstein” (Episode 123)/ MBC (2017)