All About Korean Actor Oh Jung-se: Profile, Wife, Instagram, and Drama List


From Comedic Bad Guy to Good Guy, Let’s Get To Know About Actor Oh Jung-se!

Oh Jung-se is a popular South Korean actor who began his acting career on the theater stage in 2002, but has since gone on to star in many onscreen supporting roles over the years. He is currently signed under agency PrainTPC along with other popular actors such as Kim Dae-myung, Lee Joon, and Ji Soo. But it turns out the comical actor is also married to childhood friend after 19 years. If you’re curious about Oh Jung-se’s personal life, don’t hesitate to keep on reading!

Full Profile of Actor Oh Jung-se


Name : Oh Jung-se (오정세)
Occupation : Actor
Agency : PrainTPC (프레인TPC)
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : February 26, 1977
Place of Birth : Uiryeong county, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Snake (Fire)
Western Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Height : 5′ 9″ (174 cm)
Weight : 141 lbs (64 kg)
Blood Type : A
Family : Spouse (Ahn Hee Sun), Children (1 boy & 1 girl)
Education : Seongnam Sungil High School(성남 성일고등학교), Sun Moon University – Mass Communications (선문대학교 신문방송학과)

Links of Actor Oh Jung-se : Website, Instagram, etc


Oh Jung-se’s official profile from his agency’s website is no longer accessible, but here we will provide you the available ones!

Actor Oh Jung-se’s Marriage Life & Wife


It has been revealed that the actor got married to his childhood friend, Ahn Hee-sun, back in 2006. On broadcast Happy Together, he explained that he met his first love in 6th grade, when their teacher told his class to pair up with whoever they liked. Oh Jung-se decided to pair up with his now-wife, because he had a little crush on her. The two have only broken up once for three months while dating for an incredible 19 years. Then Oh Jung-se mustered up his courage to propose her by telling her that he had something to say and asked her to come down to the lobby. The now-wife eventually accepted his proposal and now has been blessed with 2 children, a son and a daughter.

Here are other facts about Oh Jung-se and his wife you should know :

  • Despite being of the same age, they used formal Korean to each other which is unusual for most couples in South Korea. But he explained that she uses informal language when she’s angry at him.
  • When we were in 6th grade, I asked my partner after a long hesitation, ‘Will you marry me?’ to which she said yes and that was my propose.
  • He hasn’t met anyone during the 19 years he was seeing his wife.
  • The wife once quit her job and left to study in England, but then she realized her precious life in Korea, after a year, she went back straight to work and married him.
  • The wife’s profession was as an English instructor.

Facts and Trivia About Actor Oh Jung-se


Despite his successful career, Oh Jung-se did not originally study acting. He was a mass communications major at Sun Moon University. His first acting roles were in the theater, but since he appeared in many movies and dramas thanks to his remarkable acting.

  • He is not known as a sculptured handsome actor, but he is an actor who can be confident that he is not behind anyone as much as his acting ability.
  • He made his debut in 2001 and actually has appeared in 92 films for 16 years.
  • He signed a contract with his current agency in 2013. His former agency is Bel Actor Entertainment.
  • He confessed that he had a facial recognition disability.
  • He resembles actor Lee Jae-won.
  • I want to always remain as a new person to feel fresh“.
  • I want to be an actor with an anticipation and a surprise“.
  • He feels uncomfortable with his wife seeing his romantic appearances with other actresses on movies or dramas he was starred.
  • He doesn’t listen to K-Pop a lot. When he started working with Park Yoo-chun in Missing You, he said that he did not even know that he is a member of JYJ or a singer.
  • He is constantly anxious about his character and always does a thorough calculation. He said he wanted to be an actor in his 70s.
  • He had a fatal weakness when he dreamed of being an actor since his school days. It was stage phobia. When he went to the audition hall, he had to get drunk and after he would get drunk every time.