Who’s Click B’s Oh Jong-hyuk Seeing Now? Get the Details About His Love Life!


Oh Jong-hyuk

Let’s Meet Again Oh Jong-hyuk, Member of 1st Generation Boy Band Click B

Oh Jong-hyuk has been known as a member of the boy band called Click B. He made his debut along with Taehyung, Yunsuk, Sanghyuk, Hyungon, Hoseok, and Minhyuk in September 1999, under DSP Media. They also released their first album Click-B, making them part of the 1st generation of legendary idols at the time. Oh Jong-hyuk was the main vocalist and bassist of the group. However, in 2002, some of the members split up, leaving the group with 4 members, Woo Yoon-suk, Kim Sang-hyuk, Oh Jong-hyuk, and Kim Tae-hyung. They then released their fourth album Cowboy, before joining a project band JnC with J-Walk in 2004. In the following year, Kim Tae-hyung finally departed from the group due to personal matters.

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In 2006, the remaining members of the group then released the fifth album Smile, followed by Oh Jong-hyuk’s solo debut with the release of his first album Issue, under the stage name OJ. He then released his second album He’s Story Vol. 2 ‘Cry’ in 2009.

The same year, he started his acting career in the television series Enjoy Life, playing the role of Hong Jin-soo. He made an appearance in the popular television series Healer, playing the supporting role of Oh Gil-han in 2014-2015 after he was released from the military service in 2013. He was then cast in the film version of Cheese in the Trap to play the role of Oh Young-Gon. He also joined many musical theaters playing the main characters, like Thrill Me (2010, 2013), The Wedding Singer (2013-2014), Blood Brothers (2014), The Last Empress (2018), and many more.


He was a former member of Law of The Jungle in 2013-2014, explored 4 places, namely Caribbean, Micronesia, Borneo, and Brazil. He then came back to the show in 2017 and 2018-2019. He also appeared in Radio Star in 2014 and made a great performance in King of Mask Singer in 2015 under the alias ‘Lonely Man Leon’.

Having a lot of activities sure is one of the common lifestyles of an artist. It also allows people, especially fans, to search through his/her private life. One of the most common searches, that we all people do, is to seek information about dating scandals. Channel-Korea has gathered some information about Oh Jong-hyuk’s dating scandal and also his recent love life updates.

Dating Actress Lee Da-hee


This relationship was developing while Oh Jong-hyuk was still an active member of Click B. In one of their solo concerts, in July 2003, he revealed publicly about his girlfriend right in front of the fans. After performing several songs, he said to the fans that his girlfriend was also present, attending the concert. The fans, of course, took it as a joke at first, until a light shone to a girl. Then he said, “This is the woman I love.” The crowd then noticed it was Lee Da-hee under the light. She seemed to shed tears and touched by Oh Jong-hyuk’s action. However, it was a shocking move for most of the fans. Right after the big reveal, the fans gradually decreased and lead the group to eventually lose their popularity the following year.

We couldn’t find any news about their break up but they are still known as the legendary dating reveal.

Dating T-ARA’s So-yeon

Oh Jong-hyuk enlisted in the military for his compulsory service in 2011 and was discharged two years later, in 2013. Right after he was discharged, some medias leaked some information about him dating a female idol, namely T-ARA’s So-yeon. The information was later confirmed by his agency, DSP Media, to the media Sports Seoul Dot Com. He was said to have been dating So-yeon since December 2010, which meant that they had been already dating for three years at the time. “Oh Jong-hyuk,” DSP Media said, “who is nice and has good manners, fell for So-yeon’s cute charms.” It was also confirmed by So-yeon’s agency, Core Contents Media, about their relationship and revealed that their families have known each other and they are thinking about marriage.


About Their Relationship

So-yeon revealed that Oh Jong-hyuk was an amazing boyfriend who she was proud of. Apparently, in 2013, Oh Jong-hyuk delayed his discharge date from military service for a month. So-yeon admitted that they did have a talk about this and she supported him although she was worried at the same time. She knew that he had a dream of joining the Marine Corps and she was happy to see him finally achieve it. It was a hard time for them to be in a relationship while the boyfriend was undergoing military service. So-yeon said that they both gained some trust and confidence in each other while getting through it. She was seen visiting her boyfriend a few times in the middle of her tight schedule. For her, waiting for Oh Jong-hyuk was easy, knowing they have committed to each other before the military service began. On the other hand, So-yeon confessed how she got encouragement from Oh Jong-hyuk about T-ARA’s comeback with their 8th mini-album AGAIN. “He said something like, ‘You can do this’ and ‘I believe in you’,” said So-yeon.


So-yeon showed her support for Oh Jong-hyuk’s activities after he was discharged from the military service, like his appearance in Law of The Jungle. She thought the show had a good purpose to make people learn about the experiences of certain places and that it suited him well. So-yeon and Oh Jong-hyuk hardly ever saw each other due to their tight personal schedules. Although they have been dating for three years, they have had real dates only for three times. It was revealed by Oh Jong-hyuk when he was a guest in Happy Together, in September 2013. He also said that it was hard to meet each other and only had chances in TV studios for a brief time. It felt even weirder when they met because they spent almost the entire relationship apart from each other. However, he said to the others on that show that he only had eyes for the girl he was with at that time.

So-yeon Showed Some Hints Before?

After the dating confirmations, netizens discovered some tweets from So-yeon’s Twitter account in the past. Those were most likely indicated as hints about her relationship with Oh Jong-hyuk since 2011. Even a year before, So-yeon tweeted about how she liked Oh Jong-hyuk’s song, “My Heart is Beating,” right before their relationship began. She tweeted about listening to Click B’s song “Promise” with one of the other T-ARA members, Boram.


As cited by Allkpop, So-yeon then tweeted in July the same year, “As you are different from the ones I grew tired of and gave up on, I will protect you bravely so do not worry.” “Who protects those who protect the country.” Those were tweeted around Oh Jong-hyuk’s enlistment in the military. In June 2012, So-yeon seemed to countdown Oh Jong-hyuk’s days before being discharged by tweeting, “219 …… *cheer up.”

At the time, fans thought that those were just some random tweets, but now they know that they are evidence of their relationship before Oh Jong-hyuk joined the military service. You can still access all her tweets around that time up until now on her Twitter account.

How They Broke Up

In 2016, the netizens were shocked by the news of their break-up after being in a relationship for six years. They expected them to tie the knot with a beautiful wedding ceremony in the future. So-yeon’s agency, MBK Entertainment, confirmed about the news and said they decided to focus on their own schedules so they broke up in good terms. Oh Jong-hyuk’s agency, DSP Entertainment, later also confirmed their break-up news but couldn’t give any additional information saying that it was a matter of privacy. It gave us a surprise knowing that Oh Jong-hyuk gave an update of their relationship around a year before, saying that they were fine in the relationship. They were said to keep supporting each other but apparently have unfollowed each other in several platforms.

What About Now?

Previously, we said that Oh Jong-hyuk came back to Law of The Jungle in 2018 until early 2019. Then, what about his love life now? After he was known for his legendary reveal of his relationship with Lee Da-hee and his six-year relationship with T-ARA’s So-yeon, there is still no clue about his current relationship status. Even his schedule hasn’t been updated yet on his official website http://ohjonghyuk.dspmedia.co.kr/ and updates have stopped in May 2018, with his musical theater Infinite Power.


Different from his Instagram account, he recently posted a photo of him with his fans at the O:rest event last February. He seems to have his own schedule and focuses on his career development as an actor and singer.

Well, that was everything about Oh Jong-hyuk and his past relationships. Knowing that he had been hiding his relationship with Se-yeon for years means that the possibility of him being in a relationship now is not excluded.

If you have any other information about his recent relationship status, let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.