Everything You Need to Know About South Korean Actor Oh Ji-ho

Oh Ji-ho’s Relationship Scandal

Throughout his career, only 2 of his relationships were made public, one of them being with his current wife, Eun Bo-Ah. The other one being his relationship with a bar hostess named Lim that ended in 2007. This relationship made headlines as Lim decided to end her life after the couple has broken up. The woman was found lifeless in her bathroom and consequently, rumors that she used to be Oh Ji-ho’s girlfriend started surfacing.


At first Oh Ji-ho’s company denied any ties to the bar hostess, even going as far to threatening online commenters, soon after Oh Ji-ho confessed to the relationship through his personal blog. According to Oh Ji-ho, Lim broke up with him first and the suicide has nothing to do with his ties to her. Supposedly, she broke up with him because she felt their relationship was tying him down and is part of the reason why his career was not taking off.

Lim’s family argued that he broke up with Lim first and that the sadness from the break up caused her to take her own life. To this day, the case remains unsolved.

Oh Ji-ho’s Wedding

On the 12th of April 2014, Oh Ji-ho got married to fashion designer Eun Bo-ah, who he has been dating for a while. The two tied the knot at the Shilla Hotel in a private ceremony between friends and family. Before the wedding, the actor revealed beautiful pre-nuptial pictures of the two.


Through his agency, he shared his happiness with his fans and revealed that his intentions to spend a lifetime with his wife to be. He also asked for encouragements and support from his fans for their marriage.

Oh Ji-ho’s Family and The Return of Superman

In 2016, the two agreed to join the cast of The Return of Superman with their daughter Seo-heun, after his wife gave birth to her earlier that year. Oh Ji-ho revealed that at first his wife declined the offer to join the show but later relented after as the producers kept negotiating. Despite his wife’s career that has no relation to the entertainment industry, she has adjusted well to being an on-screen wife in the reality show.


Their daughter, Oh Seo-heun was just 100 days old when they first joined the show in 2016. Born on the 30th of December in 2015, she is nicknamed Jibong and is such a lovely, cheerful girl. Her father hopes that when she grows up she could be an actress just like him. In an interview, Oh Ji-ho stated that he thinks Seo-heun would enjoy working in a field that allows her to connect with others and express herself freely.