Before-and-After Comparison of Oh Ji-eun’s Plastic Surgery

oh ji eun

Oh Ji-eun’s Plastic Surgery

It is commonly known that many Korean artists undergo plastic surgery to enhance their visual features. Oh Ji-eun is one of those artists, who admitted to having done plastic surgery to the public. Oh Ji-eun started to gain popularity for her appearance in the drama titled Three Brothers, back in 2009. It is reported that in order to boost her career as an actress, she decided to have plastic surgery. She was not confident with the appearance of her face as she considered it as not beautiful enough for this industry.

Before and After

People have speculated about which part of her face has been altered. However, she never openly talks about it, which makes the public even more observant of her facial features to find the differences. People have noticed that she might have done something to her eyes since they look bigger than before. Let’s take a look at these pictures below and make the comparison.