Everything You Need to Know About Young Korean Actor Oh Jae-moo

oh jae moo
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The Korean Actor Oh Jae-moo

Still remember the KBS drama Bread, Love and Dreams? The drama was the most watched drama in 2010. It tells the story of a baker named Kim Tak-goo who was determined to be the best baker in Korea. Oh Jae-moo was the cute young actor who played the little version of Kim Tak-goo.

oh jae moo

He was only 12 years old when he first acted in the drama. He is 19 years old now and has grown into a flower boy who has captured many young girls’ hearts. 

oh jae moo

After succeeding with Bread, Love and Dreamshe also played roles in several other K-dramas and movies. Some of the well-known K-dramas he acted in are Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Full House Take 2, Golden Rainbow, and My Father Is Strange.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store is a drama based on the same-titled book published in 2003. It tells the real-life story of how a young man named Lee Young-seok successfully turned a small 350-square-feet vegetable store into a nationwide franchise with 33 branches. In the drama, Jae-moo acted as Young Han Tae-Yang (later played by Ji Chang-wook)

In Full House Take 2, Oh Jae-moo acted as teen Lee Tae-ik (later played by No Min-woo) who lost his parents at an early age and was driven out of his home. He grows up to achieve success in a K-pop duo called Take One.

Oh Jae-moo also acted in the family melodrama Golden Rainbow as the young Seo Do-young (later played by Jung Il-Woo). It is a story about seven orphans who were raised together as a family by a man. They experience hardships together as a family. They have strong bonds but these are broken by their own greed in finding the true meaning of family and happiness.

His recent drama My Father Is Strange is a drama about a family and a former member of an idol group who suddenly enters the family and declares himself as one of the sons of the family. In the drama, Oh Jae-moo took part as the young Byung Joon-young (later played by Min Jin-woong), a married 9th Grade Civil Servant and the first son of the family.

Oh Jae-moo’s Profile

Name: Oh Jae-moo

Hangul: 재무

Born: Busan, November 11, 1998

Sign: Scorpio

Age: 19 years old

Height: 173 cm

Blood Type: B

Education: Konkuk University

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2010-present

Agency: Prain TPC

Instagram: @ojamtom

Oh Jae-moo’s Hobbies

Besides acting, Oh Jae-moo enjoys listening to music and dancing. On his Instagram, he shows his interest in hip-hop through his shared playlists that include Kyu Young’s “Nothing”, Jay Moon’s “Lucy the Sky”, Lobo Da King’s “Halted”, etc.

Oh Jae-moo Instagram

He is also a friend of rapper Mc Gree, son of the famous MC Kim Gura.

Oh Jae-moo Instagram

As for dancing, he showed his skill in an interview before.

He danced to SHINee’s “Lucifer” energetically. On SBS Radio Star, he stated that before becoming an actor, he went to a dance academy to learn dancing before and showed his dance skills by covering Taeyang’s “Where You At”.

Although he was a little bit clumsy here with his moves because it was a long time since he last practiced that dance, it is still amazing that he can both act and dance, right?