Full Profile and Drama List of Korean Actress Oh Hyun-kyung

Drama List

oh hyun kyung

1988: The Tree of Love (extra)

1989: People from Dangchu-dong as a taekwondo coach

1992: Ambitious Times as Park Hyung Sook

1992: The Kingdom of Anger as Lee Bok Nam

1992: Wild Chrysanthemum as Eun Kyung

1992: Wind in the Grass as Je Ni

1994: Keep Your Voice Down (extra)

1994: Way of Living: Man as Jang Soo Mi

1994: Police as Song Chae Yeon

1994: My Son’s Woman as Im Ji Sook

1995: Flamers Ambition as Park Boo Hee

1995: To Make a Man as Young Ae

1996: Color (extra)

1996: A Faraway Country as Jang Sang Hee

1996: Splendid Holiday as Lee Ha Na

1997: Into the Storm as Eun Joo

1997: Fireworks as Jae Hee

1997: Three Women as Moon Jung

1997: Because I Love You as Eo Ji Na

2007: First Wives Club as Na Hwa Shin

2009: High Kick Through the Roof as herself

2009: Mrs. Town as Seo Hong Joo

2010: Gloria as Na Jin Joo

2011: Miss Ajumma as Kang Geum Hwa

2011: Protect the Boss as a cameo

2011: Birdie Buddy as Min Se Hwa

2011: The Peak as Lee Joong Sik

2012: The Great Seer as Soo Ryun Gae

2013: She Is Wow! as Jo Ara

2013: Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus as Yoo Sun Young

2013: Wang’s Family as Wang Su Bak

2014: A Mother’s Choice as Jin So Young

2014: Legendary Witches as Son Poong Geum

2015: A Bird That Doesn’t Sing as Chun Mi Ja

2016: Beautiful Ging shim as Joo Bae Boon

2016: The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor as Lee Dong Sook

2017: Radio Romance as Nam Joo Ha


2015: Twenty (cameo)

Variety Shows

Oh Hyun Kyung

1993: The radio program FM Is My Friend as an announcer

1995: Star Hanmadang: We Are Right as the host

1996: Saturday Mystery Theatre as the host

1996: Challenge! Man on Man as the host

1996: Super Sunday-Woman Theater with Oh hyun Kyung as the host

1997: Focused Fashion Jockey as the host

1997: Quick Movie Quizzes as the host

2011: Love Story: Music Talk Show as the host

2013: Miss Korea Secret Garden as the host

2013: The Bucket List as the host

2014: Child Comfort as the host

2014: Tell Me Your Wish as the host

2017: Battle Trip as a guest with Jung Si Ah

2017: Living Together in Empty Room as a cast member


oh hyun kyung

1999: Miss Korea

1990: KBS Drama Awards for Best New Actress (Ambitious Times)

2008: Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards for Best Actress, TV Category (First Wives Club)

2008: SBS Drama Awards for Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (First Wives Club)

2014: SBS Drama Award for Special Award, Actress in a Miniseries Drama (A Mother’s Choice)

2015: MBC Drama Awards for Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Drama Project (Legendary Witches)