Get Closer with Korean Actor Oh Dal-su: Profile, Wife, Running Man, Movies, etc

Who Is Oh Dal Su’s Wife?

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It is known to the public that Oh Dal-su is a divorced man. He was married to Kim Ju-hyun for five years and decided to part ways in 2001. At the beginning of 2016, it was reported that Oh Dal-su was dating actress Chae Gook-hee, and a source told Sports Seoul in detail that the couple was already well known in the film and theater worlds. In addition, both Oh Dal-su and Chae Gok-hee often introduced each other to their acquaintances as the person they are dating. A little history back in 2008, the lovers were co-stars in the theater show Marijuana, and “Since then, he (Oh Dal-su) has always consulted with Chae Gook-hee whenever he is offered a role, and they are able to speak honestly together”. Well, hopefully, there will be good news about Oh Dal-su and Chae Gook-hee’s relationship in the future!

Oh Dal-su on Running Man

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Unfortunately, at the time of this article being written, Oh Dal-su has never appeared on SBS’s Running Man. However, it is possible that the time will come for the actor to guest on the most well-known South Korean variety show as the producer often invites actors to play with the regular cast of the show.

Oh Dal-su’s Sexual Assault Scandal

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In late February 2018, a woman accused Oh Dal-su of having harassed and assaulted her. The woman who was interviewed by JTBC’s Newsroom stated that she took a part in a play with him and at some point, Oh Dal-su asked her to talk with him. He then took her to a motel where he sexually assaulted her. She stated, “I did not even have time to resist. I screamed, but he did not even bat an eyelid. He just had that calm expression. I felt so worthless and kept blaming myself for going with him. It was the biggest mistake of my life”. Before the interview was broadcast, the woman shared the story in an Internet forum to feel better. However, people swore at her story which led her to delete the story as she was scared. The woman also said that she has been told by her colleagues that Oh Dal-su seems like that kind of person sexually and that they also experienced the same thing as the woman. The woman also has seen a psychologist to treat her mental pain after the assault.

Oh Dal-su’s agency Star Village Entertainment responded to the broadcast of JTBC’s Newsroom as a groundless rumor, stating “The Newsroom report is entirely untrue, and we will be open to the potential for legal action including for false accusations and will consider various steps”. However, a few days later, theater actress Uhm Ji-young also came forward and spoke about her status as a victim of Oh Dal-su’s sexual assaults as well.

She stated, “In early 2000, I met Oh Dal-su in Busan with people from my theater group. Two years later when there was an audition in Seoul, I asked him for advice as he is a senior after all. However, he said he was embarrassed because his face was well-known and said we should go somewhere which was a motel. He said he was divorced and did not have a home, and that this was where he was staying. When I hesitated, he said, ‘I feel weird because you are acting like that,’ and I eventually followed him in and was sexually harassed as he put his hand on my body to take my clothes off. Fortunately, I was able to run away and avoid further incident”. While being asked why she remained silent for all these years, Uhm Ji-young said that in the past, there were not many stage and performance opportunities for theater actresses, explaining “Under those kinds of circumstances, directors, seniors, and juniors would say things like, ‘She is rude so don’t use her.’ I had to keep working in plays so I could not say anything.”

After multiple explicit denials of the scandal, Oh Dal-su finally apologized and specifically mentioned the woman who remains anonymous and Uhm Ji-young, stating “The series of events that happened recently are all my fault. I am genuinely sorry for troubling so many people. I bow my head in apology to those I’ve hurt in the past and present. It is all my fault, and I am the one to blame. I went through a difficult time in the last few days. In the midst of all the criticism I had received for giving a delayed statement, I truthfully could not recall a clear memory of the people who have been hurt. I was scared that people would question why I couldn’t remember anything, but it was honestly how I felt. I am deeply repenting over this. After reading the comments and media reports, I tried to recall my memory again by asking my acquaintances from that time. However, it is true that the information from the interview is a bit different from my memories. I wanted to confirm [the facts] and talk to her face to face. I felt so frustrated. I will bear with all the criticism I faced for not expressing my feelings earlier and just insisting that the [sexual harassment] never happened. I’m sorry. I am also sorry to those who have gotten hurt a second and third time because of me. I have hurt the people who have given me so much undeserved support. I am sorry once again”.

Due to the scandal, Oh Dal-su’s three films I Want to Know Your Parents, Good Neighbor, and Control have been postponed.