Get Closer with Korean Actor Oh Dal-su: Profile, Wife, Running Man, Movies, etc

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oh dalsu

Occupying the position of head of the theater company Singiru Manhwagyeong (Mirage and Kaleidoscope) since 2001, Oh Dal-su’s skill as an actor cannot be underestimated as he has a lot of experience performing in several local play productions. In addition, Oh Dal-su has been awarded and nominated in award ceremonies a dozen times, so every film that he has acted in is a must-watch as well. Here, you may check the list of Oh Dal-su’s dramas, films, and theater shows!

2002 – Bet on My Disco (Supporting Role as the awkward man)

2003 – Short film titled Adolescence (Supporting Role)

2003 – If You Were Me (Supporting Role as a police officer in the segment “Never Ending Peace and Love”)

2003 – Oldboy (Supporting Role as Park Cheol-woong)

2004 – Short film titled The Secret of Eel-fishing (Supporting Role as Choi Dal-bong)

2004 – The Last Wolf / The Wolf Returns (Supporting Role as Gold Tooth)

2004 – The President’s Barber (Supporting Role as Mr. Ahn)

2004 – Woman Is the Future of Man (Supporting Role as the rice cake man)

2005 – Short film titled How Does the Blind Dream? (Supporting Role)

2005 – Mapado (Supporting Role as Boss)

2005 – Crying Fist (Supporting Role as Yong-dae)

2005 – A Bittersweet Life (Supporting Role as Myung-gu)

2005 – Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Guest Role as Mr. Chang)

2005 – Theater show titled Art (Supporting Role as Kyu-tae)

2005 – Theater show titled A Tidal Wave (Supporting Role)

2005 – Theater show titled Men’s ImpulseS (Supporting Role)

2006 – Theater show titled The Tenant (Supporting Role)

2008 – Theater show titled The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? (Supporting Role as Martin Gray)

2006 – Forbidden Quest (Supporting Role as Hwang-ga, the bookseller or merchant)

2006 – A Bloody Aria (Supporting Role as Oh-geun)

2006 – The Host (Supporting Role as Monster (voice))

2006 – Between Love and Hate (Supporting Role as Hak-yi)

2006 – Three Fellas / Bar Legend (Supporting Role as Na Sang-choon)

2006 – Once in a Summer (Supporting Role as Nam Gyun-soo)

2006 – I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK (Supporting Role as Shin Duk-cheon)

2007 – Project Makeover (Supporting Role as Jung-ju’s father)

2007 – The Show Must Go On (Supporting Role as Hyun-soo)

2007 – Driving with My Wife’s Lover (Supporting Role as a taxi driver)

2008 – Baby and I (Supporting Role)

2008 – A Tale of Legendary Libido (Supporting Role as Kang-mok)

2008 – The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Supporting Role as Butler Park)

2008 – Theater show titled Marijuana (Main Role as Yong-bo)

2009 – Theater show titled Mondays 5 p.m. (Supporting Role)

2009 – Private Eye (Main Role as Oh Young-dal)

2009 – Thirst (Supporting Role as Young-du)

2009 – SBS’s Dream (Supporting Role as Lee Young-chul)

2009 – Short! Short! Short! 2009: Show Me the Money (Main Role as a factory owner in the segment “Hundred Nails and a Deer Antler”)

2009 – Girlfriends (Supporting Role as a voice doctor)

2010 – Nice Shorts (Dubber as Father in the segment “Don’t Step Out of the House”)

2010 – The Servant (Main Role as Old Man Ma No-in)

2010 – Troubleshooter (Main Role as Sang-chul)

2010 – Foxy Festival (Main Role as Kim Gwang-rok)

2010 – Late Blossom (Supporting Role as Dal-su)

2010 – Theater show titled Ogu (Supporting Role)

2011 – Theater show titled Holding the Sun and the Moon (Main Role as Elder Hwang)

2011 – Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow (Main Role as Seo-pil)

2011 – Head (Supporting Role as Kim Sang-chul or Oh Byeong-seok)

2011 – Hindsight (Supporting Role as Teacher Yook)

2011 – Documentary film titled About Alcohol (Narrator)

2012 – SBS’s Salamander Guru and the Shadows (Main Role as Seon-dal)

2012 – The Thieves (Supporting Role as Andrew)

2012 – R2B: Return to Base / Soar into the Sun (Main Role as Min Dong-pil)

2012 – The Traffickers (Main Role as Kyung-jae)

2012 – The Ugly Duckling (Main Role as Nak-man’s father)

2012 – Code Name: Jackal (Main Role as Chief Detective Ma Ban-jang)

2012 – Short film titled Mr. Vertigo (Main Role as Master)

2012 – Theater show titled Kisaragi Miki-chan (Main Role as Kimura Takuya)

2012 – Theater show titled House of Dead / Nobel Prize for Literature Award Speech (Main Role as Writer)

2013 – Theater show titled Kisaragi Miki-chan (Main Role as Kimura Takuya)

2013 – Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Main Role as So Yang-ho)

2013 – My Paparotti (Role of Principal Deok-saeng)

2013 – Mai Ratima (Supporting Role as the man with stolen goods)

2013 – The Attorney (Supporting Role as Park Dong-ho)

2014 – The Pirates (Supporting Role as Han Sang-jil)

2014 – Slow Video (Supporting Role as Byeong-soo)

2014 – Ode to My Father (Main Role as Chin Dal-gu)

2015 – Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (Main Role as Seon-pil)

2015 – Assassination (Main Role as Old Man)

2015 – Veteran (Supporting Role as Team Leader Oh)

2015 – You Call It Passion (Supporting Role as General Manager Go)

2016 –The Great Actor (Main Role as Jang Sung-Pil)

2016 – Run Off (Main Role as Kang Dae-Woong, the coach)

2016 – Documentary film titled Old Days (Main Role as himself)

2016 – The Tunnel (Main Role as Kim Dae-kyung, the rescue worker)

2016 – Master (Supporting Role as Hwang Myeong-joon)

2017 – Memoir of a Murderer (Supporting Role as Byeong-man)

2017 – Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (Supporting Role as Judge)

2017 – 1987: When the Day Comes (Guest Role as Yi Doo-seok, the journalist)

2018 – Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (Main Role as Seo-pil)

2018 – Mongyudowondo (Main Role)

TBA – Control (Main Role)

TBA – I Want to Know Your Parents (Main Role)

TBA – Good Neighbor (Main Role)