Falling For NU’EST’s JR’s Innocence in JTBC’s ‘Night Goblin’

Kim Jong-hyun-JR-Nu'est-Night-Goblin-jTBC

Let’s meet the Baby Goblin in JTBC’s ‘Night Goblin’, Nu’est’s JR!

After he participated in Mnet’s survival show, ‘Produce 101 season 2’, Kim Jong-hyun, also known as JR, gained recognition from many people. Even though he failed to debut as a member of Wanna One, JR’s popularity continued to increase compared to before. JR first debuted with Nu’est in 2012 as a rapper, dancer and leader of the group. NU’EST, which is under the auspices of Pledis Entertainment, is composed of five members, and four of them participated in ‘Produce 101 season 2’, including JR.

After the survival show ended, JR got many offers to come to various events in South Korea and even became a model for the cosmetics company Labiotte. In 2017, he joined the JTBC variety show ‘Night Goblin’ as a fixed cast member. Let’s look further at his appearance in ‘Night Goblin’!

About The Show


‘Night Goblin’ is a reality show where, in each episode, the cast tries to be the first in line to enter various popular places for food or recreation throughout South Korea. If the group doesn’t manage to get in first place, they  have to reattempt to get first place again for the same main mission.

In each episode, the cast and guest(s) gather together at around midnight (KST), then proceed to their base camp, which was set up near the popular place for that episode. The base camp got set up such that the group would be able to monitor the place for any movements. At their base, they camp overnight and attempt to ensure their team is first in to enter the place the next morning. Before they settle into their base for the night, all their phones are confiscated. The phones are taken so that the team can’t just set an early alarm for themselves to make sure their first in line. While they’re camping, a time fairy will appear to help the cast by telling them the time and to get the cast to play a game to help them get through the night and elevate their chances of entering first.

Starting on episode 6, the show’s production changed concept of the program, so that filming at each location is now split into two episodes, with first half filmed during the day. The first of each set of two episodes no longer involves camping, as the targeted hot place(s) opens either at noon, evening or night. The second episode still involves the original concept of the program. Team and individual battles were also introduced. Guest(s) are invited to spend the day and/or night together with the cast.

Starting from episode 27, the Night Goblins started taking on a team of guests for broadcast airtime. The concept of ‘No Nights 2 Days’ will still go on. Both teams will have their own hot places to recommend and go by themselves, and depending on the editors of the show, airtime is allocated to each team as they choose. This show aired on JTBC from July 30, 2017, to March 18, 2018, every Sunday evening at 18:30 (KST), and went on for 32 episodes.

Cast and Segment


In the press conference that was held to promote the show, they introduced the cast of ‘Night Goblin,’ Lee Soo-gun, Jeong Hyeong-don, Park Sung-kwang, and Nu’est’s JR. Later, in episode 9, Chun Jung-myung joined the cast as a permanent member.

The Cast

Lee Soo-geun-JTBC-Night-Goblin

Lee Soo-geun

His nicknames on the show are ‘Master-of-Skits Goblin’ or ‘Hasty Goblin.’ He is the main MC and in charge of on-the-spot skits. He’s oldest among the Goblins.

Jeong Hyeong-don-JTBC-Night-Goblin

Jeong Hyeong-don

His nicknames on the show are ‘Furious Goblin’, ‘Senior Jung’, and ‘Crazy Goblin.’ He is the second-oldest of the Goblins and always the first one to explode and complain about why they need to camp overnight.

Park Sung-kwang-JTBC-Night-Goblin

Park Sung-kwang

His nicknames on the show are ‘Leader Goblin’, ‘Main MC‘ , and ‘Park Pyongyang.’ He likes to act as the main MC, and sometimes gives comments and instructions to the Goblins through their group chat.

Lee Hong-ki-FT Island-Night Goblin-jTBC

Lee Hong-gi

His nicknames on the show are ‘Hong Goblin’, ‘Hong-Kwang’, and ‘Self-Proclaimed Smart Goblin.’ He is the main vocalist of the rock band F.T. Island. He also always tries to act as the smart one among the Goblins. Known as the only one Lee Soo-geun fears, Hong-gi joined as permanent cast in episode 2, along with Jong-hyun.

JR-Kim-Jong-hyun-Nu'est-Night Goblin

Hong Jong-hyun

Also known as JR., he is the leader of NU’EST, and gained popularity after joining Mnet’s survival program, ‘Produce 101 season 2.’ His nicknames onthis show are ‘Baby Goblin’, ‘Weak Goblin’, ‘Variety Goblin’, and ‘Kim Heh Heh Heh.’ He is the youngest of the Goblins and is always spoiled and fawned over by the older Goblins. He’s seen as having a weak lower body and is known for his “Heh Heh Heh” laugh. Jong-hyun joined as permanent casts in episode 2, along with Lee Hong-gi.

Chun Jung-myung-JTBC-Night-Goblin-former

Chun Jung-myung

Jung-myung is a former member of this show. He joined as a permanent cast member in episode 9 and left in episode 19. His nicknames in this show were ‘Chun-KwangandFighter Chun.’ He’s an actor and this show was his first time on a variety show as a permanent member. On January 8, 2018, JTBC announced that he left the show due to schedule conflicts.

The Segment

'NIght Goblin'-BoA-JTBC

On episode 16, for the first time of the show’s history, the group failed their mission to be the first in line.  They were going to eat rice with octopus on Jeju Island, although no one but BoA was going to actually eat. BoA would eat the rice with octopus meanwhile the other members watched BoA from the outside of the restaurant. Of course, it made them crave eating it too, but they couldn’t because they had failed the mission.


On episode 22, while they were in Pohang, Lee Soo-geun suggested that they give something to the students at Pohang University of Science and Technology, known as ‘POSTECH’, so that they would stay motivated because, according to him, college students are the future of Korea, and they need to be healthy and mentally bright, considering that at that time they had Chang Ki-ha, Lee Hong-gi, and Kim Jong-hyun, who basically worked as singers.

They  held a Busking Guerrilla Concert there to entertain the students who were stressed and worked hard for their future. To invite students who are still in the university area, they  divided into two teams and spread out to invite students to come to their Busking Guerrilla Concert. After making their rounds, the members did exercises to prepare for their performances and they entertained the students at POSTECH with some of their performances.


On episode 25, actress Kim Ji-won was a guest. After they tried egg sandwiches and tonkatsu sandwiches at a Japanese-Western restaurant in Itaewon, they took a walk in the Itaewon area, which is a popular tourist spot for many foreigners. Afterward, they played  the ‘aegyo‘ game, where Lee Soo-geun and Kim Jong-hyun were chosen to dress up like foreigners. The, the cast members and Kim Ji-won went around and greeted the foreigners they met on the street.

One by one, the foreigners they met were asked to shoot one of them with a water gun, and most of them guessed Lee Soo-geun. Kim Jong-hyun, who none of the cast thought would get chosen, had actually been shot once. This certainly surprised the cast, and after they checked, it turned out that the foreigner was confused and he thought he could to shoot who he liked, so he shot Jong-hyun. After one more try, the foreigner shot Lee Soo-geun, instead.

There are still many other segments that must be watched and are very entertaining. The members have their respective roles and have perfect chemistry. They also seem to have fun with each other in this show.

Acknowledged by Fans


After ‘Night Goblin”s production team changed the concept of the show in episode 6. the members were given the mission by having to order food by going alone to the popular place, but no one could recognize them. To complete the mission, the member had to go undercover to try to look like an ordinary person who just wants to line up and buy food.

To complete this mission, it wasn’t necessary to be the first person to buy food, but if anyone figured out who they were at any point during the process, then the mission was declared a failure. and the person sent other members to eat the food. When one member was undercover, the other members waited somewhere nearby and watched the member on a monitor screen.

In episode 6, Kim Jong-hyunwas given a mission to get disguised and go buy toast from a very popular Busan food truck. When trying to wait in line, the owner food truck was still getting ready to open and required Jong-hyun to wait.

It started well, and nobody recognized Jong-hyun. But, when two young women passed by, Jong-hyun greeted them and asked what time it was. Hearing Jong-hyun’s voice, the two women screamed and then became speechless. One of the women finally answered that it was 7:32 p.m. Seeing this, Jong-hyun just paused and responded, “Do you know who I am?” and both of them immediately answered happily “You are Jong-hyun.” and so Jong-hyun failed.

On episode 16, different from the disguise in episode 6, this time the person who had to go incognito was the guest, BoA. They wanted to buy a famous Korean snack on Jeju Island. Initially, the one who disguised himself to buy the snack was Park Sung-kwang, and the members were sure the disguise would work because, according to them, Sung-kwang’s disguise was perfect.

But a few minutes after lining up, someone who was in line in front of him said “the one behind is like a comedian“, then everyone who was waiting in line looked over at Sung-kwang and started paying attention to him. In a panic, Sung-kwang immediately walked quickly back to the other members, but when he walked back, the wind blew off the hat he was wearing, so people speculated that the ‘Night Goblin’ event was being filmed there.

After returning, the members suggested that BoA try to disguise herself and buy the food because people know that the ‘Night Goblin’ cast only has male members. To help disguise her, members would show up one by one, in striking disguises to help distract others from noticing her.

Jong-hyun helped BoA by intentionally appearing without any disguise at all, so his identity was obvious. After the people there saw him and recognized him, he apologized and left. Thanks to the other members, BoA’s disguise worked and everyone got to eat.

Meet BoA


In episode 16, Kwon Bo-Ah, also known as BoA, came to ‘Night Goblin’ as a guest. Lee Soo-geun invited her, and once said, in episode 6, that he would postpone BoA because they were close. But, when the other members heard this, they thought he was just joking, because it was impossible for him to be close to BoA.

In this episode, the players went to Jeju Island. BoA and Lee Soo-geun arrived at the start and were followed by the other members, who came later. When they arrived at Jeju island and saw BoA, they were all very surprised and immediately startedsinging the BoA song  ‘Number 1’, because they were very happy. In the car, the cast claimed that BoA’s presence made for a great atmosphere. Lee Soo-geun also suggested she become a permanent member of the show.

During BoA and Jong-hyun’s first meeting on ‘Night Goblin,’ Jong-hyun bowed and greeted BoA, who also greeted him happily. Jong-hyun said that BoA was representative of ‘Produce 101 season 2,’ a survival program that he later took part in and that it brought him attention from the public, even though he failed to debut with Wanna One.

Upon hearing this, the other members said that Jong-hyun must still be afraid of BoA, but Jong-hyun responded by saying that BoA was very good with trainees and BoA immediately replied, “Right? I wasn’t scary, huh?“, but then the other members teased him by saying that Jong-hyun once said that he’d kill BoA if he ever caught sight of her. Jong-hyun immediately denied it. Our poor Jong-hyun.

On the way to a famous snack place on Jeju Island, Soo-geun asked Jong-hyun what grade he was in when BoA debuted, and Jong-hyun replied that he was only five years old at the time.

BoA was curious and asked if they (the ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ trainees) ever talked about her behind her back, and Jong-hyun replied no. Hearing this, everyone reacted in disbelief, then Jong-hyun continued, “I thought you were really charismatic.

Soo-geun asked Jong-hyun again about whether he had ever considered BoA as a woman, and Jong-hyun replied, “Of course“, which surprised everyone. Jong-hyun explained that they were all very happy when BoA came, because the guys would always say how pretty she was.

Then BoA explained that she she never had a chance to talk to them because she had to maintain her position and avoid speculation that she favored anyone in particular. During the live broadcast, she had to call out of the names of the final winners, but Jong-hyun’s wasn’t among them. She said she thought that he’d make it, and Soo-geun said Jong-hyun became more successful after he lost the survival show.

During the evening game, the members decided that since BoA was there, they would hold a competition among the members, to dance to the Red Velvet song, ‘Red Flavor.’ BoA would teach them the choreography and they would dance one by one, and whoever ranked lowest would get a penalty.

Jong-hyun was the last one of the cast members to perform. At first he didn’t look too confident, but then the other members tried to help him in a funny way. When the music started, Jong-hyun danced it very well and gave a catchy ending that made BoA happy and praise him. She said, “Just as expected, He is from ‘Produce 101‘.”