Check Out NU’EST’s Baekho’s Tattoos and Their Meanings!

Baekho is Back, With Sexy Tattoos

Baekho is one of the members of the South Korean boy-group NU’EST, who debuted under Pledis Entertainment in 2012. In 2017, together with his group mates, he joined Mnet’s second season of the survival show Produce 101. As he started regaining popularity due to his appearance in the show and his group’s latest comeback, people are starting to get more curious about him as well as his unique tidbits, including whether or not he has tattoos. Worry not, through this article Channel-Korea will quench your thirst and tell you everything you have to know about Baekho’s tattoos!

NU’EST’s Baekho’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

As of right now, Baekho has four tattoos in total: one on his left chest, one of his right chest, one on the back of his right leg, and one on his arm. Each tattoo has its own meaning and Baekho got these tattoos as reminders in his life.

Left Chest Tattoo

Between the two tattoos on his chest, the one on the left was the first one to be inked, as we can see in the photo below that the one on the right has yet to be tattooed. This tattoo is in the shape of the phrase ‘N’abandonnez pas’, which spreads from his chest above his heart up to his left shoulder. Derived from the French words for ‘Never give up’, this tattoo seems to serve as a self-reminder for Baekho to always go forward in whatever he does and, well, never give up.

Right Chest Tattoo

While the one on the left is simple letters, the tattoo on his right chest shows a drawing of a star wrapped in the words ‘what you give is what you get’. This tattoo conveys the message that your kind or bad deeds will also be repaid with the same kind or bad deeds from others.

Leg Tattoo

Baekho has a pretty large, but simple, tattoo on the back of his right leg in the shape of a compass. This tattoo shape was inspired by the symbol of his group, NU’EST, and it shows his love and dedication to the group by the way he wants the group’s symbol to be on his body forever.

Later on, he added the phrase ‘As the divine will, as the divine judgment’ to the compass. This phrase portrays the message of obedience to God’s judgment and destiny and if God is willing, then it will happen.

Arm Tattoo

In Korean, the stage name ‘Baekho’ literally translates to the white tiger. Korean people consider the white tiger as a sacred spirit, as it was originally a tiger that has overcome trials and tribulations and understands the world, thus later turning white and becoming a white tiger. This tattoo could be Baekho’s way of reminding himself of both the name given by his group and also the meaning behind the name ‘white tiger’ itself.

Latest News about NU’EST’s Baekho

Around the end of January, Baekho deleted his personal Instagram account. Later, on February 1, NU’EST’s official Instagram account notified fans that future news and updates about Baekho would be funneled through the group’s official Instagram account. Although there was no official news regarding the matter, fans speculated that he deleted the account due to the amount of hate comments he had been receiving through the account because of some akgae fans (fans who like only one member and dislike the others).


On April 9, Baekho and NU’EST released their sixth mini album, Happily Ever After, after three years, with the title track BET BET. The group had their first music show win on May 8, and by May 22, they already had their fourth win. They uploaded the members’ selfies with the trophy to the group’s official Instagram account.

They also show the behind the scenes photos from the making of BET BET‘s music video through their Instagram.


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Baekho also snatched himself the twelfth position of May Boy-Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings by The Korean Business Research Institute. The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 521 boy-group members. He and his group are becoming one of the hottest topics in May due to their increasing popularity through their comeback.

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