Difference In NU’EST Members Popularity Before and After ‘Produce 101 Season 2’


Let’s Meet NU’EST After Produce 101, Season 2!

NU’EST is a boy-group which is under the auspices of Pledis Entertainment. The group was formed in 2015 with JR, Baek-ho, Min-hyun, Aron, and Ren. The group’s music is mostly in the urban-electro genre, and they have turned out to have a career that didn’t run as they thought, even though at the time, they had already released two albums and five singles. As a result, in 2017 they decided to participate in Produce 101 season 2. Although many people said at the time time that NU’EST was going to be disbanded, it was apparently said to boost promotion their real group.

One of the members of the group managed to win and join the group Wanna One. What happened to them after participating in Produce 101 season 2, and how do they feel different?  Channel-Korea will give you all the information about the difference in the NU’EST members’ popularity before and after Produce 101 season 2. Stay tuned!



JR, or Kim Jonghyun, is the leader of NU’EST. He also participated in Produce 101 season 2, but he was afraid if he was chosen to be the leader. However, the other members believed in him. He was appointed as the team leader four times, so that he was called the “National Leader”. When he was in Produce 101 and was the team leader, he went viral on social media because he couldn’t enter the 11th position.

However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t known to many people. When he created and announced his official Instagram account in 2015, he had 18k followers. Then, in 2020, the number of his followers reached 1.2 million. He definitely has had a huge increase in followers, going from being the least-followed member to the third most-followed member.


NU’EST’s Min-hyun


The euphoria of NU’EST after being in Produce 101 wasn’t ignored by Pledis Entertainment to bring them back to the peak of popularity. In September 2017 the agency finally introduced the sub-unit NU’EST W, without Minhyun, who had to be temporarily suspended due to his involvement with Wanna One.

After promoting with Wanna One, Minhyun made his comeback as a NU’EST member in 2019, and his presence in the group made their fans happy, and the size of their fan base increased. This was proven by his followers on social media. In 2015, the man who had the Instagram account @optimushwang initially had 11K followers. But over time, his followers grew, and he even became the NU’EST members who had a huge followers, with 2.8 million.


Minhyun was active on Instagram again in early 2019. He posted a photo when he was on the beach, and this is got a good response from the fans.

NU’EST’s Baek-ho


Not only has he shown himself a talented singer, but he also showed his manly performance during Produce 101 season 2. He was given the names the “Sexy Bandit”, and “Daddy”. Baekho became more popular after he sang the song Boy in Luv from BTS with a death glare that left everyone enchanted. He has since become known as the most masculine person.

Besides his vocal skill, Baekho created and wrote a song for NU’EST, as well as the other group. This made him become more famous.

Baekho had delete or deactivated his Instagram account for various reasons, but before he deleted it, his followers had reached 833,4k!

NU’EST’s Aron


Kwak Youngmin, or Aron, is NU’EST’s main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist. He is one of NU’EST members who wasn’t approved on Produce 101 season 2. Pledis Entertainment didn’t give any official statement about it, but Aron said that he had leg injury so he couldn’t join the show with the nother members.

Increasingly known, his Instagram account had reached 806k followers at present.


NU’EST’s Ren


Ren is known because his cute performance in Produce 101. His singing skill from his debut day hasn’t improved until the time he ws on the show. During Produce 101, he received vocal training that made his voice become good as a gold.

Even though he wasn’t one of the show’s winners, Ren still become more attractive and got the attention of audiences with his golden voice! After participating in Produce, Ren reportedly went to Thailand to be on the popular sitcom, “Something Family” season 2. “Something Family” invited two local guests or foreign celebrities to come forth in every episode. Ren was one of the invited guests.

Ren often also stars in dramas and acts on TV. Regarding to social media, he has 1.3 Million followers!


Differences During Fansigns


The involvement of the NU’EST members in Produce 101 became a brilliant “restart button” for their revival. Before the show, the group was going through difficult years with rumors of the threat of being disbanded. That made them very determined to prove to fans at the meeting that they had changed drastically! Since they participated in Produce 101, the fan-meetings or fansigns that they held were always visited by fans.

Previously, fan meetings that they held were attended by less than 100 fans, and they always had empty seats. This is inversely proportional to what happened after they joined Produce 101. The fan meeting after they were on the show was able to successfully sell 10,000 tickets, or even more, which caused the ticket-sales site to crash, and it was sold out within the first minute or two.

It turned out that the show brought NU’EST a good transformation with many people. Here are some meeting comparisons from before Produce 101 and after!


Differences During Concerts


The change wasn’t only at fan meetings. The next tour organized by NU’EST experienced significant changes. For example, after the success of their comeback mini album, NU’EST W got an Asian tour schedule. The concerts were held lavishly and festively in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

This concert would be NU’EST’s first concert in full formation. Previously, the group which was under Pledis Entertainment had held a mini-concert in 2013. Then there was a concert as a subunit, NU’EST W.

And here’s the differences!

Latest News


In early 2020, NU’EST is increasingly blessed, with the good fortune to get an award at the Golden Disk Awards 2020. At that event, there were many other Korean musicians who also attended and performed, including BTS, TWICE, GOT7, MAMAMOO, ITZY, Chungha, and NU’EST. In this year, Golden Disk Award (GDA) also cooperated with the Tik Tok Platform as one of the partnerships.

NU’EST won’t two awards on the second day, in the categories “Album Division Bonsang” and “Cosmopolitan Artist Award”.