Dive Deep Into the NU’EST Universe: Theory and New Era After the ‘Happily Ever After’ Album

Theory From VCR

Over the past year and a half, during Wanna One‘s promotion, the members of NU’EST W and Minhyun couldn’t disclose their friendship and relationship openly, due to the fear of hate comments.

But, over the years, the NU’EST W have thrown a symbolic VCR here and there, which makes the fans hopeful to wait for their full-member comebacks.

Here are pieces of their VCR and interpretation:


After Produce 101, in which the four NU’EST members participated, three flowers have bloomed, except one (Aron, who didn’t participate).


Beginning of NU’EST W‘s successes, four flowers have bloomed.


Symbolizing the disbandment of NU’EST W, as well as hopeful future, even though the five flowers haven’t bloomed yet.


Finally, the last VCR symbolizes the full member’s comeback and Minhyun’s return. In the VCR, a door is opened and a hand adds the fifth flower (Minhyun). All five flowers have bloomed; it is the rebirth of NU’EST.


Other Theory

It turns out that NU’EST’s last three EPs are not the only albums with the backstory! The group, indeed, has liked to insert hidden meaning in their songs, even since their first album. One of them is  “Good Bye Bye”, a title track from their first studio album, Re:Birth. It was released on July 8, 2014 in Korea.

Almost every interpretation of the album title and concept shows the meaning of NU’EST as being reborn, that they have grown and matured from they were before.

The group members, themselves have stated that “Good Bye Bye” is not just a song about relationship breakup, but about their image changing. As it could be seen in the music video, each member has their own narrative and struggles: JR struggles with internal pain, one that comes in the form of backbiting others (it shows that he worries about the hurtful words from those who dislike him), Ren struggles with the way he’s defined by his outer self (but the rose he vomits shows that although he is leaving behind his innocence, his flower-boy image will always burn strong within him), Aaron’s struggle is with being separated from his family and life in the US (represented by his longing stare through the shuttered window), Baekho’s struggles with inferiority about other members’ looks (though he might be shedding his mask through ripping away the wallpaper, he still struggles with his true self behind the mask), and Minhyun’s struggles with labels (as related with his roles as lead singer, dancer, and face of the group).

At the end of the music video, the group breaks free, finally defining themselves and celebrating their ‘birth’.


Latest News


Good news for NU’EST fans who can’t wait to see their appearance in the year-end show!

NU’EST is confirmed to be attending the 34th Golden Disc Awards which will take place on January 4 and 5, 2020, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. They will be joining previously-announced attendees including BTS, Seventeen, MAMAMOO, TWICE, Paul Kim, and Jannabi.

NU’EST, alongside GOT7 and MONSTA X, plan on performing on the second day of the ceremonies, as nominees in the physical album sales categories. Meanwhile, Kim Chung Ha and ITZY plan to attend on the first day as nominees in the digital sales category.

Fans can catch the 34th Golden Disc Awards on January 4 to 5 live via JTBC.


That’s all the knicks and knacks about NU’EST albums theories! Which one is your favorite? Do you have any more theories to add?  Tell us in the comment section below!