Dive Deep Into the NU’EST Universe: Theory and New Era After the ‘Happily Ever After’ Album

NU’EST’s Happily Ever After Album: End of The Past and Begin of The Future

Indeed, this comeback marks the new era and happily ever after for NU’ESTwith the complete five-member lineup reuniting!

This album also marks the end of the three-part “Knights searching for the Queen” narrative which began in the “Overcome” era. Lets see the interpretation breakdown from NU’EST’sBet Bet” music video!

A fan points out that the final universe series was based on the narrative from movies: Inception (2010), Alice Through the Looking-Glass (2016), and the Matrix series (2001-2003). The Matrix makes a lot of references to Alice in Wonderland especially when there’s the scene where Morpheus offered the blue and red pills to Neo:

You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

In the story, a twitter fan-account interpreted NU’EST as the 5 knights that are currently living in their dreams, under their subconscious. They “trapped” their memories and the Queen that they loved (from the “Overcome” era) in their subconscious (based on Inception).

In the music video, Baekho has a blue drink, which often represents the subconscious and is often associated with the fifth chakra (thinking, planning: planning about the win over the Queen). Meanwhile, the Queen has a purple drink. Purple represents devotion, but also royalty and mystery.

The members went into their subconscious and they realized that their “White Queen” (the good real queen) is no longer there (“Overcome”), and they need to forget the Queen. Dreaming about the Queen could imply that they aren’t fully in control of their life; they need to “let go the past”.


But the Queen offered them to play a game. In short, if you can win over the Queen, she’ll give you the ‘present’ in this dream world. Just like in Alice Through the Looking Glass, where the red queen offers to make Alice a white queen by playing a chess game in Alice’s dream. This explains why the queen only has one chess piece on board. It represents how NU’EST, as 5 knights, are having a “battle” against the Queen, alone. Alice, in her dream, moves as a pawn and gets some help from the white knights, white queen, etc., to win over the Red Queen, alone. The Jack and Queen cards also pictured how this game is owned by the knights and Queen only.


But playing this “chess game” with the Queen is a bet, win, so they can ask the Queen to let them go, erase the Queen from their mind, or lose and the queen would make them stay in this dream. Just like playing in a casino, win and get all the money or lose and go bankrupt

In real life, this could show us how Nu’est was also playing a bet with their fate. To join Mnet’s Produce 101 season 2  was a bet. They sacrificed their pride to try to become well known and succeed after that program, or they could lose everything. The horse/equestrian statue usually means knight (eques in latin: knight). There is an urban legend about the horse’s leg position. If the horse is rearing (both front legs in the air), it means the knight died, it’s a sacrifice to win the battle. NU’EST also sacrificed their pride

Different from “Universe” and “Overcome”, the Queen in “Bet Bet” doesn’t show her face and can’t see clearly. Her ego keeps her knights in this dream world, and she was driven by her blind love.

But, in the end, it seems like NU’EST wins against their Queen. They can choose between this blue pill and the red pill. If they take the red pill, they will stay in this dream and the queen will show them how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In the end, they also probably chose the blue pill. They want to end this story, to start a better story. They chose their own reality and chose the “utopia” for themselves (at the end of the music video, they don’t kneel in front of their Queen; it seems like they don’t “serve” her anymore).

After all, understand that Morpheus refers to the “matrix” (in this case equals with the dream) as the truth and Neo’s real-life as “ignorance”. The matrix offers the harsh truth, meanwhile Neo’s real life offers a world full of pleasure, with modern technology. But, we ignore the fact that tech makes us its “slaves.” Being in the Matrix is like you’re “unplugged” from your real life and see every lie behind that life. NU’EST’s dream, however, also offers the “harsh truth”. But if their dream contains the harsh truth, then waking up to live in reality sounds like their utopia, a beautiful world.
(excerpt from Twitter account @nuventeen)