Dive Deep Into the NU’EST Universe: Theory and New Era After the ‘Happily Ever After’ Album

NU’EST Minhyun – Universe: The Knights are Back

Looking at Minhyun’s story in the “Universe” comeback, it seems like the narrative reverts back to the original “The Queen’s Knight” manhwa storyline.

As we already know, Minhyun represents the character Reino from the manhwa. Now, it seems like his story picks up the exact character as the “Overcome” music video. This comeback also symbolizes Minhyun’s/Knight’s ‘return’ to the NU’EST.

One fan-post in Tumblr summarized the interpretation of the music video comprehensively:

Minhyun was the main lead in “Overcome”, trying to find the Queen before the others and therefore he more than likely depicts the main male character in the manhwa, Reino. In the manhwa, Reino is a knight from a fantasy kingdom and the main female character is from Earth. He saves her life only if she promises to be the queen of the kingdom he’s from; she agrees. During a series of events, the main female character ends up back on Earth, in her home country. That’s when Reino starts invading her dreams in an attempt to draw her back to his kingdom.

What I believe is happening in the “Universe” MV is that Minhyun is depicting Reino by trying to draw and convince the Queen to return to his kingdom by infiltrating her dreams. The ‘helmet’ that Minhyun is seen wearing throughout the MV is an old fashioned EEG machine, used to monitor brain waves (I believe it’s an EEG machine because of the brain wave teasers NU’EST W released-this would connect together and make sense). Minhyun is connected to this as it is monitoring his brain waves whilst he sleeps.

The old man who appears in the MV seems to be helping Minhyun as he aids him by connecting the crystals to the machine and by collecting the crystals too; perhaps he’s a scientist? A lot of people thought he was sinister, but the way Minhyun bows to him and regards him makes me think otherwise.

I definitely feel like the old man was helping Minhyun. When Minhyun rouses and sees the old man on the balcony near the beginning of the MV, he doesn’t seem surprised or suspicious, just lethargic from constantly sleeping.

The crystals themselves I believe are time crystals. Time crystals are a recent theorised scientific phenomenon and have absolutely nothing to do with time travel.

To simplify what time crystals are: they have a 4 dimensional structure whereas ordinary crystals have a 3 dimensional structure. This 4 dimensional structure means they can break time-translation symmetry. They therefore break the law of physics which states that energy can’t be made or destroyed. The energy in time crystals continues to repeat even at a low energy state; put simply, they provide a lot of energy which doesn’t run out very quickly. Whilst the crystals might not have such a legitimate scientific background in the MV, I feel like it’s important to understand that they’re nothing to do with time travel. I don’t believe Minhyun is time travelling at all in the MV. I believe he’s travelling through dimensions in order to reach the Queen in her dreams and the constant flow of energy from a time crystal is what allows him to endure prolonged periods of sleep in order to do this.

Those moments where Minhyun is with the Queen, he’s trying hard to win her back and convince her to return with him. He spends time with her as much as he possibly can, even though travelling through dimensions and entering her dreams really takes a toll on his physical body, but he can’t give up. He wants and needs her back.

But then Minhyun grows desperate, to the point that when the old man isn’t around, he steals those crystals from the reserves and uses them all in one go. The old man is clearly there to help ensure Minhyun is safely travelling through dimensions but Minhyun is too impatient, too anxious for some reason.

By using more than one crystal, Minhyun ends up entering a deeper sleep, which causes him to enter a comatose-like state. The old man tries to wake Minhyun up, but to no avail.

Minhyun searches desperately for the Queen in her dreams. She’s aloof, so he keeps searching until he eventually finds her. They regard one another, and it’s clear to see that the Queen is realising just how desperate Minhyun’s actions are and how dangerous they are.

The only way Minhyun can return to his physical body is if he lets the Queen go. She realises this and tries to leave him. He tries to hold on to her, tries to convince her to return, but enough is enough. Spending time with one another in dreams was wonderful but it’s time Minhyun woke up and faced reality, before he tears through the very fabric of time and space with his reckless actions. So she leaves.

Minhyun bows to the Queen one last time before descending the stairs and leaving her world behind, both physically and mentally.

When he finally opens his eyes, well…it seems like the narrative still continues in NU’EST’s next comeback music video!