NU’EST’s Minhyun: Profile, Facts, Wanna One, and Most Recent News

Comeback with NU’EST

On December 31st, 2018, Wanna One officially disbanded and the members who previously had activities and promotions with their initial groups returned to their respective schedules. After being banned from having private social media, Hwang Min-hyun is now back active on his personal Instagram account, @optimushwang. The 1995-born singer was found replacing his Instagram bio.

Hwang Min-hyun, who originally wrote NUEST’s fandom name, LOVE, now replaced it with his name. Unfortunately, this seemingly trivial act apparently reaped disappointment from NU’EST fans.

“Are you all okay? I didn’t… I tried hard to endure it… This is the first time I’ve felt so sad in my life… I’m so sad that I want to cry,” commented a fan. “Me too… I’m very hurt… But what can I do…” said other fans.

“I feel the same way, but let’s trust Min-hyun and continue to support him… He might be thinking about his current position,” fans said. “Even before greeting us, he decided to erase our names. I think I’ll recover with time, but this is difficult,” added another.

The disappointed comments from the fans seemed to be the spotlight of the netters on the online community site. Not much different from fans, the netizens also considered that what Min-hyun did was not right.

“I don’t think he made a wise decision,” commented a netter. “I favor NU’EST fans. What Min-hyun did to them was not fun and now they rebel,” said another netter.

“Why do people think of him as a kind of kidnapped Mongolian prince? Stop being delusional and wake up. Hwang Min-hyun spends time at Wanna One and he receives lots of love as a member of Wanna One but it’s not right if he does this right after Wanna One disbanded,” added another.

Hwang Min-hyun, who is preparing to return to activities with NU’EST, has received many responses from fans and the public. In February 2019, there was news about a number of fans who apparently wanted the 1995-born idol to go solo. Min-hyun’s akgae fans even went so far as to reject the other members.

Recently, the netters were shocked by one of Hwang Min-hyun’s fan accounts that covered the faces of the other NU’EST members in the Chinese New Year greeting video. Some other fans even asked JR and his friends to be removed.

“Everyone, it turned out that it was fun editing this. I will edit the next videos like this too. Please be diligent watching from now on. I will always be grateful,” wrote the fan.

“I will continue to upload like that so you can retweet and like it at the same time. I don’t know if this will be a big problem, I will share official posts only. The passion for all of us until the day Min-hyun debuts solo,” he added.

The actions of Hwang Min-hyun’s fans covering the faces of the other NU’EST members shocked the netters. Many claim to be shocked and upset.

“Hwang Min-hyun has renewed the contract with NU’EST. Why are you making it difficult for Min-hyun?” a netter comments. “Their hatred is really terrible. I never thought that crazy people like that could become fans,” added another netter. “Hwang Min-hyun’s akgae fans are amazing. I don’t want to be in contact with them,” concluded the other.

Meanwhile, Hwang Min-hyun is the only member of NU’EST who escaped and debuted with Wanna One for a year and a half. During Min-hyun’s absence, the four other members actively promoted as NU’EST W.

The NU’EST video posts uploaded on Instagram also received a lot of attention from fans who paid attention to the faces of the NU’EST members one by one. At first glance, there is nothing strange about this video, but some netizens highlighted Hwang Min-hyun’s expression in the first video. Because in the first video, Hwang Min-hyun looks quite silent and doesn’t talk much or laugh.

As a result, many fans say that Hwang Min-hyun is not too hype like when he was with Wanna One. This they overflowed through various responses in the comment section.

“Min-hyun isn’t as funny as he was with Wanna One,” said the netters. “Hahahah wannable (fandom Wanna One) is strong,” added another netter. “It’s not usual to say Min-hyun NU’EST,” said another netter. “Sad to see,” concluded another netter.

On the other hand, there are also many fans who say that Min-hyun looks very happy together with NU’EST. Because he laughed really hard in the second and third videos.

“Min-hyun laughs madly,” the netter said. “Min-hyun looks very happy there,” added another netter. “You are very extraordinary and adorable, I love you,” said another netter. “Min-hyun, it looks like you’re happy, I’m also happy to see it, I’m waiting for your new work,” concluded the other netters.

On February 21st, 2019, Hwang Min-hyun was in Italy attending the Milan Fashion Week. The former Wanna One member attended the invitation from Moncler Genius and became the first Korean male celebrity the brand invited. Interestingly, Min-hyun didn’t just go to Italy to attend the Milan Fashion Week.

Pledis Entertainment announced that the NU’EST member will also be filming a MUSIC VIDEO. Is it for a solo debut? Apparently not. The agency confirmed that the MUSIC VIDEO filming Min-hyun was part of NU’EST’s comeback.

“The filming of the music video is just one part of NU’EST’s comeback plan, just like their latest single will be released as a complete group,” said a Pledis Entertainment representative.

“Because NU’EST will be making a comeback with full members, we are making more efforts in preparation. We are currently preparing different things for NU’EST fans that lead to their official comeback. We ask that you show enthusiasm,” concluded the Pledis Entertainment representative.

On March 15th, 2019, NU’EST celebrated their 7th anniversary and the group under Pledis Entertainment released a special song to thank their fans, titled “A Song for You.”

Only a few days after the release, this song was already at the top of various Korean charts. Not only was this song able to top the Korean realtime music chart, but it was also known to rise to the top of the iTunes chart Top K-Pop Songs in a number of countries around the world.

On March 17th, at 9 a.m. local time it was reported that “A Song For You” reached the first position on the iTunes charts in 12 different countries. This included Hong Kong, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, and Macau.

In addition, this song managed to occupy the TOP 5 iTunes chart position in 25 different countries such as Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, and the United States. NU’EST itself is currently preparing to make their first comeback as a five-member group.

As is well known, Hwang Min-hyun finally rejoined NU’EST after Min-hyun’s promotion with Wanna One ended. NU’EST is also preparing to hold their first concert with five members at KSPO Dome Seoul on April 12-14, 2019.

After waiting, the boy group NU’EST finally greeted fans again with their new work. This comeback felt more special because NU’EST came in full formation after Min-hyun’s return from Wanna One.

On April 29th, 2019, NU’EST launched their sixth mini-album, titled Happily Ever After with the lead song titled “BET BET.” The song is a rhythmic upbeat medium track with a touch of future bass and R&B, created by Baekho, BUMZU, and Royal Dive.

While the lyrics which are about sacrifice for loved ones are written by Baekho, JR, and BUMZU. In the music video, NU’EST members appear more masculine and chic with an all-black feel. As well as showing artistic and energetic dance movements.

The release of the mini-album Happily Ever After became NU’EST’s comeback with the full formation in the past three years. As you know, NU’EST had to go through a career as a subunit for a while because Min-hyun qualified to become a member of Wanna One after taking part in Produce 101 Season 2.

Meanwhile, NU’EST included six new songs in the mini-album Happily Ever After, where all the lyrics were written by Baekho, JR, and Bumzu, such as “Segno,” “BET BET,” “BASS,” “Talk About Love,” “Different,” and “Fine,” also Min-hyun’s solo song, “Universe.”