NU’EST’s Minhyun: Profile, Facts, Wanna One, and Most Recent News

Joining Produce 101 Season 2

In February 2017, rumors about NU’EST circulated on the internet. Rumor has it that they will disband and then participate in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 as Pledis trainees. Then, their agency, Pledis Entertainment, released an official statement that the news of NU’EST participating in Produce 101 Season 2 was true. Pledis also stated that NU’EST members would participate as their promotional activities and refuted rumors about NU’EST’s disbanded.

NU’EST’s chance to build their popularity opened when four members, Baekho, JR, Min-hyun, and Ren took part in the survival show Produce 101 Season 2. Unfortunately, of the four members who participated in Produce 101 Season 2, only Min-hyun was chosen as a member of Wanna One.

Hwang Min-hyun is now known as a member of Wanna One. He was the only member of NU’EST who made it into the top 11 of Produce 101 Season 2 when he was ranked 9th in the last episode. Fans named Min-hyun as Hwang Emperor after he performed “Sorry Sorry” with his team members.

The “Sorry Sorry” Team with Min-hyun, also known as the Justice League, showed an impressive stage and has been loved by fans until now because of their friendship. “Sorry Sorry” Team members were chosen by Min-hyun so he got a nickname.

Let’s check out Min-hyun’s appearance!

Hwang Emperor and his legendary team performed Super Junior’s song “Sorry Sorry.”

Besides excelling in his dance performance, Hwang Min-hyun also showed his skills in singing the song “Downpour” by I.O.I.

Not only showing his singing and dancing skills, but Hwang Min-hyun also briefly became a center in his performance of “Never.”

The rankings obtained by Min-hyun when he joined Produce 101 Season 2 are 11th with 680,322 votes, 6th with 2,004,207 votes, 11th with 315,650 votes, and final ranking announcement in the 9th position with 862,719 votes.

Min-hyun is also very close to the contestants of Produce 101 Season 2. Lee Dae-hwi also said that he would marry Min-hyun if he were a woman. Min-hyun was also in a room with Ji-hoon, Jae-hwan, Woo-jin, and Lai Guan-lin.

Min-hyun is also one of the Produce 101 Season 2 contestants who are famous for being close to other contestants. Ong Seung-woo once chose Hwang Min-hyun as one of the truest members and he also had the role of a father of the Produce 101 Season 2 contestants.

In the Happy Together 3 program that aired in August 2017, Hwang Min-hyun revealed the funny things his parents did when he appeared on Produce 101 Season 2. Hwang Min-hyun said, “Before Produce 101: Season 2, I had been promoting for six years as a singer,” he said of his activities as a member of NU’EST.

He continued, “I did a promotion for six years but my parents never asked for my autograph to be given to their friends. I then gave my signature and asked them to promote NU’EST,” he said. “But recently they contacted my agency because I didn’t have a cell phone. They asked if they could ask for 100 signatures. They were very happy and that also made me feel happy,” added Hwang Min-hyun.

Debut with Wanna One and Worldwide Popularity

Wanna One is a South Korean boy band formed from the survival show Produce 101 Season 2 which attracted the attention of national and international fans. This group consists of 11 members selected from 101 trainees from various agencies.

The boy band that debuted under YMC Entertainment, released their debut music video titled “Energetic.” “Energetic” itself is the result of a vote by the fans.

Hwang Min-hyun and the other members look fresh and cheerful in the “Energetic” music video. The nuances of vaporwave which add to the aesthetic value and the funny behavior of the members add to the excitement of this music video.

The lyrics of “Energetic” are composed by Pentagon’s Hui & Wooseok and composed by Flow Blow & Hui. Hui also worked on the song “Never” for Produce 101 Season 2. Wanna One debuted with a mini-album titled To Be One that contained seven songs, which are: “To Be One,” “Burn It Up,” “Energetic,” “Wanna Be (My Baby),” “Always,” “Pick Me,” and “Never.”

Following the release of the MUSIC VIDEO for the title track “Energetic” Wanna One re-released the MUSIC VIDEO for the song “Burn It Up.” The song itself is one of the songs from Wanna One’s debut album 1×1 = 1 (TO BE ONE) which was considered to be made the title track of the album.

Although not chosen as the title track, their agency YMC Entertainment still released the music video of the song. Unlike “Energetic,” which has a cheerful and colorful concept, the “Burn It Up” music video uses a monochromatic concept and shows the manly side of Wanna One members.

Three months after their debut, Wanna One finally officially made a comeback. They released a repackaged album titled 1-1 = 0 (Nothing Without You) with the lead track titled “Beautiful.” The album was released along with the music video. Previously, they had already released a preliminary music video of the film version for its flagship song.

The song “Beautiful” itself is a creation of Tenzo and Wooziq, which has a ballad rhythm but still has a hip-hop touch. In this song, each member of Wanna One shows his vocal abilities in singing an emotionally meaningful song. The lyrics themselves are about the longing for someone who has been accompanying him.

On March 5th, 2018, Wanna One introduced a pre-release single album titled I Promise You. This ballad-themed song is in great demand by the Wannables (name of the official Wanna One fandom). Many fans were touched by the song and arrangement that were presented. “I can’t stop playing this song, it’s very deep,” wrote one fan in the comments section.

“I Promise U” is a song that expresses the happiness of their lives and also gratitude to fans who always give them strength. After the release of the song “I Promise U,” Wanna One immediately topped the South Korean charts.

Still in the same comeback with the release of the album 0 + 1 = 1 (I Promise You), with the main song “Boomerang,” Wanna One released their new music video even though it was in a period of controversy after being caught throwing words that were considered rude in a video broadcast.

“Boomerang” is an electro-trap genre song with a powerful beat and synth sound. This song is quite different from the previous main songs of Wanna One, such as “Energetic” and “Beautiful.” “Thank you for your love for the song that was just released. In the future you will still love us, right? Promise us,” said Wanna One’s personnel when they found out that their song became a champion on the charts.

At the end of 2018, it had been almost one year since Wanna One started to promote as an idol group and reached very high popularity among fans from South Korea and also globally.

Another reason why the album titled 1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY) is worth the wait is that it’s been five months since the previous album was released. Finally, Wanna One released the album undivided and since then they have been busy touring the world.

The song “Spring Breeze” tells the story of how the two lovers who were originally separated try to reunite. This song focuses on how the members of Wanna One will fight this pathetic destiny with all their strength.

“Spring Breeze” is an alternative dance song with pop elements. Wanna One’s personnel showed serious and cheerful portrayals in their music videos. The adventurous and romantic energy of the music video will excite viewers.

Wanna One’s latest single, “Spring Breeze,” was included in the tracklist of the album 1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY). Under normal conditions, interactions between members might make fans feel exasperated. However, in this music video, the scene actually feels sad because it is accompanied by sentimental music.

In addition, some symbols of separation can also be seen in the video, as if adding to the sad feeling in the song. For example, the symbol of a music cassette that stops playing, illustrates the time that has run out in the middle of their time together.

Before this song was released, speculation had circulated that 1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY) and “Spring Breeze” could be Wanna One’s final work as a group. After their contract expires, members of Wanna One are scheduled to resume activities with their respective agencies, separate from the other members.

In addition to the comeback and music video from Wanna One, Hwang Min-hyun is also one of the most protective members and always takes care of the other Wanna One members. The next fact is that Hwang Min-hyun is very considerate. On the reality show Wanna One, Min-hyun sincerely looks very concerned about the other members. Like checking whether the members are asleep or not, if so then he will bring blankets, turn off the lights, and say good night.

If there are members who haven’t slept, Min-hyun will ask what’s wrong and then try to provide comfort. Like when Bae Jinyoung couldn’t sleep because he was still afraid after watching a horror movie, Min-hyun volunteered to sleep with him.

Jinyoung refused by saying it’s okay. However, at midnight, Jinyoung himself went to Min-hyun’s room. Then, Min-hyun immediately hugged Jinyoung to sleep.

It is normal for an idol group to be both lazy and diligent, such as cooking, cleaning, and so on. Incidentally, our Min-hyun really loves cleanliness. He likes to be quiet when he sees something that is messy or dirty. In the reality show Wanna One Go, the members were required to stay in the dorm during the event. The dorm was not like a serious military camp, really, this place looked fun and comfortable to live in. However, Min-hyun remained strict with the rules that they have to maintain cleanliness everywhere.

When the members of Wanna One praised the interior, the rooms, and the rooms in the camp, the first thing Min-hyun noticed was the good dishwasher. Then, when the members would go inside the house with their shoes on, Min-hyun would get angry and tell them to take off their shoes at the front door.

Then, in the reality show Wanna One Go: Zero Base, all the members were provided rooms according to the individual taste of each Wanna One member. Some rooms contained dolls, toys, musical instruments, pets, and so on. Then, can you guess what Min-hyun’s room was like?

This handsome guy’s room was clad in clean white and not much in its contents, very neat. But, there were some strange things there, such as cleaning tools.

Hwang Min-hyun’s next fact is that he actually likes to read books in his spare time. Again in the reality show Wanna One Go, when other members were busy playing, karaoke, or even chatting, Min-hyun would take a book and go to a quiet place to read.

Min-hyun’s favorite place to read is the ballroom (like a children’s playground) and Jinyoung’s room, because the room is always empty because Jinyoung spends more time outdoors to play.

The closeness between the members of Wanna One makes the fans miss their interactions and moments together during promotions. If you look back at Wanna One’s career, they can be considered a group with fantastic achievements and the fans also hope that Wanna One will be reunited to do a new project together.

A lot of history was created during Wanna One’s career, namely on August 7th, 2017, Wanna One held a show at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. Performances at this prestigious venue were attended by around 20 thousand people, and tickets were fought over. Wanna One is the first group to hold a debut showcase at this place.

After debuting, Wanna One scored a number of achievements. One of them was their debut album, 1×1 = 1 (To Be One), which sold a million copies. Not surprisingly, at the end of 2017, Wanna One wiped out the Rookie of the Year trophy at a number of South Korean music award events. Some of them are at the Asia Artist Awards, the Gaon Chart Music Awards, the Golden Disc Awards, the Melon Music Awards, the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the Seoul Music Awards, and others.

Along with the release of the single “Boomerang,” Wanna One broadcast with a digital streaming platform. It’s just a video of members of Wanna One joking and doing a camera test before broadcasting was widespread.

Many people believe that the members of Wanna One swear and put out obscene words in this video. Although for no apparent reason, Ha Sung-woon was accused as the culprit.

Not the agency, the fans were instead moving to clear the names of Ha Sung-woon and Wanna One. They hired two forensic labs to analyze this video. As a result, the two labs said the allegations were totally unsubstantiated.

Although not even a year old, Wanna One held a world tour titled One: The World in 14 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. This tour started on June 1st and was ongoing until September 1st, 2018, in the Philippines.

It seems that the fans really want to spend the last moments with the eleven members of Wanna One. Tickets for their farewell concert were immediately sold out. In fact, the concert was held at the Gocheok Sky Dome venue with a capacity of around 20 thousand people, and was held for four days.