Let’s Checkout NU’EST’s JR’s Hairstyles Throughout Time

2018 – NU’EST W Era

After the final episode of Produce 101 Season 2 aired, NU’EST’s previous releases shot back up on music charts, and topped the Gaon Chart. Shortly after, the remaining members of NU’EST announced that they would be promoting as a four-member special unit, NU’EST W, until Minhyun’s return following Wanna One’s disbandment. Due to the group’s sudden surge in popularity, they (as NU’EST W) returned to music shows to promote their single “Hello” (first released in 2013), and ranked number 11 on Inkigayo.

During that era he was consistent, with his black hair sometimes being styled with his legendary comma hair.


2019 – A Song For You and Love Me Era

NU’EST finally made a comeback with its full membership, and on March 15, 2019, they released a special digital single, ‘A Song For You’, to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their debut. Then, on October 21, the group released their seventh EP, The Table, with the lead single ‘Love Me’

JR was still maintaining his comma hairstyle. I think JR’s comma hairstyle is the best hair style that he has. His comma hairstyle is everything.


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