Let’s Join NU’EST’s JR and Baekho’s Trip To Jeju Island On KBS’ ‘Battle Trip’


Battle Trip With JR and Aewol Prince, Baekho

NU’EST is known for their ‘urban electro’ music and amazing performances on stage. These five boys, JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren, also have unbelievable visuals. As they keep shining day by day, fans want to know more about their personal lives off-stage, their appearances in TV shows and dramas, etc.

JR and Baekho got the chance to show the fans their funny and fun personalities in KBS’s show, Battle Trip.¬†They got to do the trip with some fun activities, and then show it to audiences in the studio. They were competing against another pair of celebrities, and to win, they needed to get the highest score among 100 votes from the audiences. Curious about how JR and Baekho rocked their trip? Stay tuned!

About The Episode


NU’EST’s JR and Baekho became part of the cast of Battle Trip¬†episode 109. This episode had the theme “The Trip to Jeju Version 2018”, for which the cast had plan their own exciting trip to Jeju Island! In this episode, WJSN’s Dayoung wasthe special MC, as she is from Jeju-do. JR and Baekho’s rivals were their hyungs, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-wan and Jun Jin! Dong-wan and Jun Jin chose to travel in Seogwipo City, while JR and Baekho choose Jeju City.

Dong-wan said, “Seogwipo has Jeju’s classic and is a legendary destination at the same time. Just like us, Shinhwa.” But the Jeju boy, Baekho, replied, ” Seogwipo city and Jeju city are completely different. Jeju city has been recently a popular tourist destination. My hometown is Aewol, Jeju island. I come back to my hometown once a month.” After he revealed that his hometown is Aewol, Kim Sook called him ‘Aewol Prince’ and now everyone was curious about what the Aewol Prince could bring to the audience.

Trip Preparation

Before they began the trip, the two prepared a lot, especially Baekho, because he would lead the trip in his hometown. First, Baekho drew a cute lion for his self-designed white shirt, which they would wear on the trip. Every time he had the chance, Baekho searched diligently for the best meat and the best places to visit.


JR also shared his feelings and desire about what he would like to do in Jeju City. JR gave Baekho a list of food that he really wanted to try, while they were there. Baekho really thought about JR’s taste, since he didn’t want to disappoint him, but he had a surprise plan for JR to eat while they were on day two of their trip.