Let’s Take A Look at NU’EST’s Jong-Hyun’s Instagram!

JR nuest

Learn More About NU’EST’s Kim Jong-Hyun

It’s time to find out more about the leader and rapper from the boy band group, NU’EST, Kim Jong-Hyun, also known as JR.

Kim Jong-Hyun previously competed on one of the biggest talent shows in South Korea, Produce 101’s second Season in 2017 and he is known for his talent and charisma. On Produce 101, he was sometimes a team leader for some of the missions on the elimination stages. But, unfortunately, he failed to stayed on Produce 101 in the Top 11. It made many of his fans sad that he couldn’t make it into the lineup for Wanna One, the boy-group that was formed using the show’s top contestants.

JR nuest

Jong-Hyun said that he learned many things when he joined Produce 101. But although he had five years of experience in the entertainment industry, he still got very nervous when he was on the show. Now, he’s back to NU’EST and is doing work with the other members again. Want to know more about Jong Hyun’s activities with NU’EST? Let’s check it out!


NU’EST’s JR’s Instagram Feed

JR nuest

On January 5, 2015, NU’EST members Minhyun and JR/Jong-Hyun finally had their own official Instagram accounts. According to allkpop.com, at first, fans were alerted to the new accounts when one of NU’EST’s members, Aron, posted on his own Instagram, “…and on different note, JR and Minhyun started Instagram! Follow them!”

Although they both created their Instagram accounts on the same day, Jong-Hyun was the first to update his fans with a photo. The photo showcases him in a black and white striped shirt and wearing yellow sunglasses.

Let’s take a look for a moment at some of JR’s posts!

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JR’s Precious Selfies

JR nuest

Jong-Hyun likes to posts his activities with the rest of the member or by himself. He posted so many selfies. He loves to give his fans the opportunity to know more about him and his activities recently.

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좋은 얘기만 i love you

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At first his selfies liked to explain how handsome he is without telling anybody.

He still looks cool with the black mask that covered half of his face and his black cap.

Why is he hiding his handsome face? Oh, he wants to show the fans what he grabbed. It’s NU’EST!

Jong-Hyun’s childhood memory. He looks so cute!


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한주동안 너무 많은 응원과 사랑 주셔서 감사해여!! 알 러뷰 쏘 마취~~

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JR in a black suit just looks so, prefect. Don’t you guys agree?


Photos With NU’EST


As a leader, it’s understandable that Jong-Hyun loves to share his moments with other members with fans, even moments with the whole group. Take a look at some of the moments he’s posted with them.

All of NU’EST members look like they’re enjoying the moment with this photo.

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러브들을 위해 준비중!

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Jong-Hyun took a photo when the rest of the members didn’t notice it; just so cute.

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내일모레 공개 합니다 짜짠++

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So many positive responses and support on every photo Jong-Hyun have posted.

Jong-Hyun and Ren took a selfie together! So cute!

Jong-Hyun posted a photo with members when they won an award at SMA 2018, but without Minhyun.


Knowing JR’s Activities from Instagram

JR nuest

Like we said before, Jong-Hyun loves to share his moments with fans on his Instagram account. Let’s take a look at what he is doing from his posts.

Jong-Hyun shared that he watched a movie.

This photo is for NU’EST’s new album, “WHO, YOU“.


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본듯, 못본듯, 아니 처음 본듯… #deaser #뉴이스트W #JR #Dejavu #데자부 #Dispatch #디스패치

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Jong-Hyun also shared his work with Dispatch.

Jong-Hyun even posted when he ate a cup of noodles. The way he ate the noodles makes his viewers feel hungry.


Jong-Hyun told his fans to not miss his appearance at MNet on 11 p.m!


Funny Videos

JR nuest

People and fans know him as the charismatic leader for NU’EST, but that doesn’t mean that Jong-Hyun doesn’t have his cute and funny sides, too.

The way Jong-Hyun laughed when he realized it was not a photo is just so cute.


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#정글의법칙in파티고니아 #병만이형 한테 낚였어요..너무 즐거웠습니다!!

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There, again. Jong-Hyun got trolled by Kim Byoung-Man and then laughed hard because of it.


Did you guys get the conclusion from seeing his Instagram’s posts? Yes, it was about how charismatic and precious he is. So, don’t forget to give support to him by sending him some positive comments at this NU’EST’s leader’s post!