Not Seen In Any Upcoming K-Drama; What’s Song Hye-kyo Doing Lately?

song hye kyo

Let’s Keep Up With Song Hye-kyo’s Recent Activities

It’s been a long time since the last time Song Hye-kyo appeared in certain K-Dramas or also K-Movies. People and mostly her fans were wondering, what she’s been up to? Turns out, even though Song Hye-kyo hasn’t appeared yet in such an upcoming movie project, but she also had a lot of other occupations and activities as well! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details of Song Hye-kyo’s recent activities, so stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Not only famously known as an actress, but Song Hye-kyo is also famously known for another career such as a brand ambassador, involved in charity and donation events, and many more! And for brief information, Song Hye-kyo’s latest appearance in K-Drama was through Encounter airing from 2018 until 2019. And now, let’s keep up with Song Hye-kyo’s recent activities, here!

Campaign For Chaumet Paris In Monaco

Around July 2019, Song Hye-kyo attended a jewelry event for the brand Chaumet, and the event was held in Monaco! She attended the event in the role of the Asian brand ambassador, and obviously, her appearance attracted a lot of attention. With a navy mini dress, natural makeup, a pair of strap heels, and long wavy hair, she successfully managed to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention.

During the gala dinner of the Chaumet event in Monaco, Song Hye-kyo appeared in a silver long maxi dress with the lace accent, a pair of statement earrings and a long necklace as well. Her hair was looking effortlessly stylish in a long wavy style, and the smokey eye make-up look also completed her style perfectly!

Song Hye-kyo also revealed that it was such an honor for her to be attending the Chaumet event in Monaco and be able to introduce the jewelry from Chaumet for everyone who was attending the event at that time. Not only that, but Song Hye-kyo was also caught up in the same frame along with the Hollywood actress Natalie Portman and Russian model Natalia Vodianova!

And here are other Song Hye-kyo’s beautiful portraits during the Chaumet event in Monaco:

Song Hye-kyo showed off her pure and inner beauty through her appearance at the Chaumet event, right?

And also, she seemed to enjoy every moment of the Chaumet event and the gala dinner afterward. She also appeared to be in the same frame along with LVMH Group’s CEO Antoine Arnault and Chaumet’s CEO Jean-Marc Mansvelt.

Surprising Fans With Her Visual 10 Years Ago

After we’ve seen Song Hye-kyo’s beautiful appearance at the Chaumet event in Monaco, she amazed her fans again through an unusual post on her Instagram account. She posted a portrait of her visual from 10 years ago. It was Song Hye-kyo’s photoshoot along with W Korea magazine, and we could see that she was as beautiful as now, even with her short black hair!

If you haven’t seen the picture yet, here you go:

The photoshoot of herself with W Korea magazine took place in 2009. From the picture, she was looking as stunning as ever with the short black hair, smokey eyes makeup, and the bold red lipstick as well! Not only that, but when she posted the picture on her Instagram, she also wrote a little caption for it. She simply wrote: “Memories!” It seemed like she did some reminiscing of the good old days, right?

Netizens, who were overwhelmed by her extraordinary beauty left comments with compliments for her in the comment section of Song Hye-kyo’s post. Mostly, they were amazed by Song Hye-kyo’s visual appearance and pointed out their support for Song Hye-kyo’s career since then and now. Even in another fan-site room, there were a lot of her fans who said that Song Hye-kyo’s beauty has never changed!

Donated 10.000 Additional Books in Korean & English

Song Hye-kyo is also famously known for her involvement in donation or charity events as well. Not long ago, she donated 10.000 books during the Hangeul Day celebration. She donated the books along with Professor Seo Kyung-duk, they were providing the Korean guidebooks to Korean history as well. For those of you who might not know yet, Hangeul Day was a celebration for the anniversary of the Korean alphabet.

It wasn’t their first time to be involved in the donation event. Previously, they have been also donating some Korean guidebooks in the same place which also received a donation as well. Not only that, but both Song Hye-kyo and Professor Seo Kyung-duk were planning to donate the Korean guidebooks to more places or even other countries.

Both of them were discussing the Korean guidebook donation and would give the best effort as they could for the historical sites of the Korean independence movement. Then also, Song Hye-kyo and Professor Seo-kyung donated 10.000 guidebooks in Tokyo on the occasion of the celebration for the 1000th anniversary of the February 8th Independence Declaration!

Other places that have also received the books donation such as Yi Jun Peace Museum in Den Haag for the Korean signboard donation, and also 10.000 guidebooks for Korean provisional government building in Hangzhou, China. Such a generous action, right?