Full Profile of Senior Korean Actor Noh Joo-hyun


Name: Noh Joo-hyun

Hangul: 노주현

Real Name: Noh Un-young

Born: Seoul, August 19, 1946

Blood type: A

Height: 5’9” (174 cm)

Education: Hanyang University majoring in drama and film

Noh Joo-hyun is a popular veteran and active Korean actor. Since his debut in 1968 on TBC’s 5th Public Talent, he has remained in the spotlight and continues acting in many TV dramas and movies. From the late 80’s (or early 90’s) to the early 2000’s, Noh Joo-hyun mainly appeared as a high profile man showing a gentle image. But, since he appeared on Kim Byeong-wook PD’s sitcom The Unstoppables in 2000, his image changed drastically, and it made him extremely popular among teenagers and young viewers of the time who were not familiar with him. In 2009, he also appeared regularly on KBS’s variety program Invincible Youth, an entertainment program about having fun and experiencing rural life, together with female idol stars.

Noh Joo-hyun’s Family


He was Born in Seoul. He has an older brother and an older sister. His father died during the Korean War, and his mother raised him, his brother, and sister alone. His elder brother Roh Yong-ak is the former vice president of LG Electronics, and his older sister is a painter.

In a talk show, He confessed he had never revealed his married life of 40 years since his debut because his wife does not want to be made known through the media, and he also does not want it to be made public through the media. He married Choi Sung-kyung in March 1977. He described his wife as a dignified woman instead of beautiful. He met his wife through the introduction of an acquaintance. From the marriage, he has a son, Noh Woo-suk, a George Washington University’s Bachelor of International Relations and a daughter, Noh Seung-won, a Bachelor of Science in Design School, Rhode Island, U.S., and New World International.

He lives in the countryside at a villa in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. He is enjoying a rural life with his wife and companion, a German shepherd who he has raised since youth. He is also popular as a dog lover in the entertainment industry.

Noh Joo-hyun’s Rumors

When he first went to the U.S. with his family, there was a rumor that he had failed in business so he escaped from bankruptcy. There was another rumor that he fled to the U.S. because of women problems. He and his wife were once rumored to be divorced, but the rumor turned out to be groundless.

His son, Noh Woo-suk, also was once rumored to have died from dog hair blocking his respiratory. However, unlike the rumor, Noh Joo-hyun’s son was studying in the U.S. and was doing well.