Get to Know More About ‘NO.MERCY’ Contestant, Yoon-ho

Yoon ho

Who’s Yoon-ho?

Yoon-ho was the longest-running trainee at Starship Entertainment. He was one of the contestants on the show NO.MERCY, and was eliminated on the 9th episode of the variety show. As a result, Yoon-ho didn’t get to debut with MONSTA X, instead of joining VAV, and now he is known as VAV’s Ayno. He joined VAV in 2017 and he is the newest member of the group.

Profile and Facts of Yoon-ho

Yoon ho

Full Profile

Real Name: Noh Yoon-ho (노윤호)

Stage Name: Yoonho/ VAV’s Ayno (윤호 /에이노)

Birthday: May 1, 1996

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Instagram: @ayno.vav

Nationality: Korean


  • He has 2 stage names, Ayno and Yoonho
  • Yoonho is ex-contestant of ‘NO.MERCY’, which is the program that debuted MONSTA X, but he was eliminated in episode 9
  • Yoonhoo is a former Starship Entertainment trainee
  • Yoonho, or Ayno, is close friends with SF’s Dawon
  • His ideal woman is someone like his hyung or oldest member than him, ACE.
  • He is the newest member of VAV
  • When he was on NO.MERCY, everybody called him a fossil because he was a trainee longer than anyone else
  • He also almost debuted with BOYFRIEND, but it didn’t work out because he was too young.
  • He has one brother.

NO.MERCY Participation


NO.MERCY was a reality survival show that aired on Mnet, and ran from December 10, 2015, until February 11, 2015. The show was created by Starship Entertainment and had 13 trainees competing to debut in a boy-group. After succeeding in the competition, they would be debuted as MONSTA X. Some participants on the show were, Jooheon, Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, I.M, Wonho, Minkyun, #GUN, and also Yoon-ho.

Of all the contestants on the show, Yoon-ho had been a trainee for Starship Entertainment for 7 years, which was the longest time.

Below, you can see a video of his first performance on NO.MERCY.

Even though he’d been a trainee for a long time, he still didn’t seem very confident when he joined the show. Yoon-ho was the youngest contestant, or maknae, on the show, and was very obedient to his hyungs, or older brothers. He made it through 3 missions, but on the 4th mission, he got eliminated. He was eliminated because his team lost, and everyone cried when his name was called. When K.Will announced his name was eliminated,  K.Will cried, too. Yoon-ho was also sad, but he worked hard to cover it up and entertained all of his friends and the judges by saying “Come on, this is okay. Did you guys forget that I’m still 20 years old?”

Yoon-ho didn’t cry when he had to give up his dream of debuting in the boy-group; maybe he already knows and felt that he would be going back home at the time. The audience was very sad, even if the felt that he would have stayed if their votes would make a difference. One of the reasons so many fans felt that way was because when Deokspatch opened voting with the category ‘Who is the trainee whose voice do you want to make the alarm for wake up?’, the winner was Yoon-ho, followed by #GUN and KIHYUN. This is the video showing when he was eliminated.

VAV Member


VAV (브이에이브이), or Very Awesome Vampires, is boy-group that was formed by A Team Entertainment, or formerly known as AQ Entertainment. The group currently consists of 7 members, St.Van, Baron, ACE, Jacob, Lou, Ziu, and Ayno (Yoon-ho), although they had 10 members, previously. They debuted on October 31, 2015, with the mini-album Under the Moonlight. 

After he was eliminated from NO.MERCY and failed to debut with MONSTA X, Noh Yoon-ho was on the path toward his career with VAV, and his stage name was changed to Ayno. Yoon-ho joined VAV when they made their comeback with theme ‘Venus’ on February 18, 2017, or we could say that he had only joined for 2 years. His position in VAV is as a rapper, dancer and visual.


VAV’s Ayno, or Yoon-ho, is active on social media, especially Instagram. On his Instagram account, @ayno.vav, he often posts a selfie or photo before gigs. Not only that, but he also shares the activities he does through posts on his Instagram. Here are some of his Instagram posts, below!

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Ayno posted photos using funny or cute poses, he even joined the hastag #10yearschallenge or #tenyearschallenge, and uploaded a photo from when he was a child. So many people say that his face hasn’t changed, or he has baby face.

Latest News

VAV released the music video for their latest song, Senorita, on October 18, 2018. Senorita is the 4th single after they released their 3rd album, named Spotlight, on January 29, 2018. Aside from his busy life with VAV, Yoon-ho finally released his own mixtape on  March 4, 2018. This happened because VAV’s rapper posted a teaser for his mixtape on his Instagram. One of his songs features Ziu of VAV, and he wrote and produced it by himself. He also drew and designed the artwork for the cover. This marks Ayno’s first mixtape made in two a half months, after his last songs, ZERO COKE and Bite My Nails. Yoon-ho uploaded his mixtape onto YouTube and Soundcloud, using his real name, Noh Yoon-ho. Here’s Yoon-ho’s mixtape, featuring VAV’s Ziu, titled ‘Don’t Sleep’!.