NMIXX’s Lily: Profile, Age, Height, Parents, Pre Debut, Etc

Lily Debuted with NMIXX as the Main Vocalist

nmixx lily

NMIXX consists of 7 all-around girls with all-around talents in singing, dancing, and visuals. NMIXX was branded as “Your Next Favorite Girl group” under JYP Entertainment.

Apparently, there’s no specific position for each member of the group, however, Lily more likely fits as the main vocalist as her history is in singing performances in K-POP Star 4 in 2014. She was announced as the seventh member of NMIXX, the last and the most memorable one.

After 7 years, Lily grew up as a beautiful, polite, and lovely girl as shown in her qualifying videos. She has been long-awaited by her fans to the debut and finally, the time has come. Lily got into the spotlight on the Twitter hashtag with her qualifying video before her debut. Here is Lily’s qualifying video.

She debuted in NMIXX on February 22nd, 2022, with the release of the single album Ad Mare, with their lead track “O.O”.

NMIXX’s Lily’s Focus Fancam

Look at this focus camera of Lily performing “O.O”; she looks sharp and satisfying. What do you think? Check out NMIXX Instagram official to learn about her activities in the future.

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