Get To Know NMIXX’s Jiwoo: Profile, Fun Facts, Past Activities, Etc.

NMIXX's Jiwoo

The Captivating Member of NMIXX, Jiwoo

Have you heard about NMIXX? They are one of the most anticipating girl groups under JYP Entertainment that just debuted in early 2022. The group consists of seven members, all of which have successfully drawn attention, especially one of the members named Jiwoo.

With her visual and amazing skills, many people are curious and want to know more about her background before she got to debut as an idol. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything you need to know about NMIXX’s Jiwoo, so keep on reading.

Full Profile of NMIXX’s Jiwoo

NMIXX's Jiwoo

Birth Name: Kim Ji-woo (김지우)

Stage Name: Jiwoo (지우)

Place and Date of Birth: Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, April 13th, 2005

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 165 cm

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Position in NMIXX: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer

Occupation: Singer, Rapper

Years Active: 2021–present

Label: JYP Entertainment (2018–present)

Associated With: NMIXX

Fun Facts About Jiwoo That You Need to Know!

NMIXX's Jiwoo
  • Jiwoo joined JYP Entertainment in 2018
  • She used to be a student at DASTREET DANCE
  • She also attended Yangjeong Middle School, Guri Girl’s High School, Hanlim Multi Arts School
  • Jiwoo’s MBTI personality type is ESFP
  • Her Chinese zodiac sign is Rooster
  • Jiwoo’s family consists of her father, her mother, and herself
  • Jiwoo radiates a puppy-like face with a pure look

Find Out NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s Ideal Type, Here!

NMIXX's Jiwoo

Jiwoo has become one of the most attractive members of NMIXX which makes people want to know everything about her, including her ideal type when it comes to a romantic relationship.

According to her personality type, Jiwoo is an extroverted person and very good at socializing with a new person. However, Jiwoo has never talked about her ideal type publicly and she seems to want to keep it private. Let’s just wait until Jiwoo has confirmed it publicly one day!

Jiwoo’s Past Activities

NMIXX's Jiwoo

Before Jiwoo officially debuted with NMIXX, she had been attracted to dancing and singing ever since she was a child. It was also proven through her pre-debut activities such as becoming a student of DASTREET dance.

Turns out, her journey continued after she joined JYP Entertainment back in 2013 and spent around 3 years as a trainee there. Finally, the day came when JYP Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new girl group after Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY, named NMIXX. Then Jiwoo and two other trainees named Jinni and Kyujin were revealed as the group’s first three members!

Jiwoo’s Debut with NMIXX


Jiwoo has officially debuted as an NMIXX member on February 2nd, 2022, with the group’s single album Ad Mare and “O.O” as the album’s title track. Aside from Jiwoo, NMIXX also consists of other six members, and all of them are managed under JYP Entertainment.

The group has a unique name NMIXX, where the letter ‘N’ stands for the Unknown Letter ‘N’ and can signify ‘Now’, ‘New’, or ‘Next’. Meanwhile, the word ‘Mix’ refers to a combination and variety as the best combination to conquer this new world. Such a meaningful name, isn’t it?


In the group, Jiwoo is in charge as the rapper, vocalist, and dancer as well. The album’s name Ad Mare came up from the Latin term that means “To the sea”. In the album, there was also another single “Tank” besides the title track “O.O”. The debut single “O.O” also describes the surprised look with the eyes wide open for watching the members, and how the group mixed 2 genres, The Baile Funk and The Teenage Pop Rock.

Watch the Fancam Performance of NMIXX’s Jiwoo

NMIXX's Jiwoo

Don’t miss out on NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s focus fancam performing live on stage, here:

During one of NMIXX’s “O.O” live stage performances, Jiwoo radiates a fierce yet girl crush image with her appearance. Half-up ponytail, a pair of leather boots, and layering outfits, she has nailed the performance! Not to mention her powerful yet charming performance which makes people unable to take their eyes off of her!

Another Jiwoo’s performance with NMIXX’s “O.O”! She looks incredibly gorgeous with that straight loose hair, and her outfit makes her look like a princess from a fairy tale. Amazing as ever, Jiwoo’s live stage performance is filled with power, charisma, and talent!

Although Jiwoo is a rookie K-Pop idol, her passion for dancing, rapping, and singing is unquestionable. After several years of training, Jiwoo finally can show off her amazing talent to the world by debuting as an NMIXX member! What do you guys think about NMIXX’s Jiwoo? Leave a comment with your thoughts about the matter in the section below, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media!