Has NMIXX Got Their First Win Yet?

NMIXX's First Win: One of the Scenes of NMIXX's Members on Their Music Video (MV) of "O.O"
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Anything You Need to Know about NMIXX!

For those who have followed K-pop to this day, you may have known that NMIXX has finally debuted. The newest girl-group from JYP Entertainment (JYPE) released its debut single “O.O” on February 22, 2022. Since the group debuted under JYPE which is considered one of The Big Three in K-pop industry, many people raised their hopes for the group.

Since their official debut, many people expect NMIXX to achieve their first win as soon as possible like their senior Itzy. However, it seems that the expectation can’t be realized in a very short time. So, does that mean NMIXX got their first win longer than it should? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at anything related to NMIXX’s first win. So, if you’re wondering about this matter, keep scrolling through this article and you’ll find the explanation that you need.

NMIXX Hasn’t Got Their First Win Yet

NMIXX's First Win: NMIXX's Members During Their Debut Press Showcase at Seoul, South Korea
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First of all, we should know that as of today (25th of May 2022), NMIXX hasn’t yet won their first win. Their debut single “O.O” and their side track “Tank” haven’t won on South Korean music programs. Actually, there are several reasons why these two singles haven’t gotten their first win. These are some reasons expressed by K-pop fans and observers regarding this.

  1. Many fans criticized the production of the songs, especially the “O.O” song. Actually, this doesn’t mean that the producers of the song (Joombas and The Hub) can’t make a good song. What fans really mean is the song isn’t easy to listen to. The song isn’t as catchy as songs from a JYPE girl group.
  2. Many fans believed that “O.O” is random, messy, choppy, and disorganized. The structure of the song is very complicated, and again, it makes the song difficult for people to listen to and enjoy. Some people admit that they have to listen to “O.O” more than five times before they start liking the song.
  3. Many South Koreans feel that “O.O” is not the kind of song they would listen to. This is evident from the song that peaked on the Gaon Digital Chart only at the 81st This rank is very low, compared to the song’s peak on the Billboard Malaysia Chart, which was at the 17th position.
  4. The lyrics of the two songs don’t make sense at all. People admit that they’re annoyed with the “I’m so freaky fishy” repetitive chorus on “Tank”. In “O.O”, fans are most annoyed with the number of meaningless words, such as “whook whook” and “shoog shoog shoog”.
  5. The concept of NMIXX and their “O.O” song was accused of plagiarism. Fans believed that JYPE was trying to imitate other concepts and MVs from other groups, making the song lack creativity.
  6. JYPE was trying too hard to make a new kind of song. Many people noticed that for the debut of NMIXX, JYPE prepared a song that has a similar concept to “Next Level” by Aespa. JYPE wanted to emulate the concept, but unfortunately, JYPE failed to replicate the concept properly.

These are some of the reasons fans mentioned why NMIXX’s debut song didn’t get the first win quickly. Even though NMIXX hasn’t got their first win yet, their debut songs and their album have already won other awards. “O.O” charted on ten different music charts in Asian countries. The album Ad Mare has sold over 150.000 copies and has been ranked Platinum once by Korea Music Content Association (KMCA).

The Hard Competition among Girl Groups of 4th Generation

NMIXX's First Win: The Rookie Girl Groups of K-pop Fourth-Generation in 2022 (from left to right, top to bottom: IVE, Kep1er, Le Sserafim, and NMIXX)
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You must have noticed that NMIXX just debuted recently, making it a 4th generation K-pop girl group. Since around 2019, there have been many girl groups that have successfully debuted. To this day, most of those groups are still actively composing and promoting their own music.

This condition forced NMIXX to put a little bit more effort into producing and promoting songs. The group and their agency JYPE must produce songs that suit South Korean’s ears. More importantly, the songs should be easy to listen to and less confusing, so that people want to listen to the songs over and over again.

JYPE definitely knows that this industry is highly competitive. The competition among girl groups is also very intense, especially from the last 2021 to 2022 when there are many new names entering the pipeline, including IVE, Le Sserafim, and Kep1er. When it officially debuted, NMIXX had to compete with these groups. Not only that, but NMIXX also had to compete with other 4th-gen girl groups who had debuted much earlier, such as Aespa, Purple Kiss, Secret Number, and their own senior Itzy.

Now, if we compare it to other girl groups that have debuted in 2022, we can say that NMIXX has to face a very difficult road to survive in this industry. Luckily, NMIXX has a safety net, as it debuted under The Big Three. However, the company should also realize that those small companies are also striving for their groups to be successful in the industry. We can see that all of IVE, Le Sserafim, and Kep1er aren’t from The Big Three, but they’re still able to make pathways as one of the most successful rookie groups in 2022.

IVE debuted under Starship Entertainment in December 2021, with the release of the single “Eleven”. A month later (January 2022), Kep1er also released their debut single titled “Wa Da Da”. Entering February, NMIXX officially debuted, and three months later (May 2022), Le Sserafim finally entered the industry. The group under Big Hit Music released their hit titled “Fearless”.

These three groups sold so many copies one day after their debut. Moreover, they have got their first win very quickly, with IVE taking seven days, Kep1er taking ten days, and Le Sserafim taking eight days from their debut to get their first win. If we look at this fact, we can definitely say that the competition in the K-pop industry is really not a joke, even for a rookie group like NMIXX.

So, that’s all that you need to know about NMIXX’s first win and K-pop’s high competition. With the achievements from these three groups, no wonder NMIXX couldn’t get their first win as fast as many had expected. We must keep supporting NMIXX in order to get their first win soon because it shows that the rookie group can rock the industry together with the other groups mentioned earlier.