Learn More About NiZiU Maknae, Nina: Profile, Height, Facts, Fancam, Nationality

NiZiU Nina profile facts

Let’s Get Closer With NiZiU’s Youngest Member, Nina!

Do you remember Nina from NiZiU? She is the youngest member of JYPE’s first girl group in Japan. She is a talented and pretty maknae from this group, and people even say that she looks like Jeon Somi. Nina started her career as a child actor and joined Nizi Project to become an idol. How has her career journey been? How did she debut with NiZiU?

Wanna get closer with NiZiU’s Nina? Don’t worry. Through this article, Channel-Korea will give you all the detailed information about her. So, keep on reading!

NiZiU’s Nina’s Profile

NiZiU Nina profile facts

Name: Nina Makino Hillman / Nina Hillman (니나 힐먼/마키노 니나)

Stage name: Nina (니나 / 仁菜/ニナ)

Birthday: February 27, 2005

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA

Height: 164 cm (5’5″)

Weight: –

Blood type: O

Zodiac: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Rooster

Debut year: 2020

Group: NiZiU

Agency: JYP Entertainment and Sony Music

Nationality: Japanese – American

NiZiU’s Nina’s Facts

NiZiU Nina profile facts
  • Nina has an older sister. Her father is an American and her mother is Japanese.
  • She lives in Nagoya, Japan.
  • Nina can speak French, English, Japanese, and Korean fluently.
  • She is good at playing the guitar, the piano, jet-skiing, and singing.
  • In 2017, Nina passed the audition for Amuse Multilingual.
  • She is a reporter for a variety show named Suiensa for NHK E TV.
  • She had a dream to sing and has a beautiful voice like IU.
  • Nina is left-handed.
  • Everybody said that she looks like a baby and is cute like a puppy until she was nicknamed “Woof Woof.”
  • Stray Kids is her favorite group. She also appeared in Stray Kids‘ MV “Back Door” alongside other NiZiU members including Riku, Mayuka, Mako, Rio, Ayaka, Maya, and Rima.

NiZiU’s Nina’s Pre-Debut

NiZiU Nina pre debut

Apart from being talented and the youngest member, Nina also has amazing visuals. She really looks like a baby, cute and soft. Nina’s cute face looks Japanese, and her stunning visuals and beautiful eyes are like her dad.

When she was a kid, her face was really cute like a doll. You can see her childhood pictures below.

NiZiU Nina pre debut
Niziu Nina predebut

Before debuting, Nina was a model for kids’ clothes and a pet shop. Here are the photos of when she took a photo with a Himalayan cat and t-shirt products!

Niziu Nina predebut
Niziu Nina predebut

Nina gained a lot of attention because of her gorgeous visuals from her eyes, face shape, to her smile!

Niziu Nina predebut

NiZiU’s Nina’s Acting Skills

Niziu Nina acting

Before becoming a singer, Nina had already debuted as a child actor. She starred in several Japanese movies such as Blood Friend and Shiba Park. Although her roles didn’t dominate in the movies, her acting was very well.

Nina also starred in the American TV shows Mieu Everest and Divine Shadow. Here are the photos.

Niziu Nina acting
Niziu Nina acting

She also starred and debuted in musical theater as the understudy for Mary Lennox. Nina also appeared in Theater Brothers K as young Bet.

NiZiU’s Nina Joined Nizi Project

Nina Hilman niziu

In 2020, Nina participated in a survival reality show titled Nizi Project. She intended to audition in Nagoya, but she missed the date. So, she went to the audition in Sendai. For the auditions, Nina performed TWICE‘s songs “What Is Love?” and the “Brand New Day” Japanese version.

Niziu Nina audition

During the audition, JYP was amazed because of Nina’s performance, especially when she sang “Brand New Day” with her clean vocals. Then, she passed the audition and the next rounds. Finally, Nina managed to debut with NiZiU and got 9th place. Here is one of Nina’s performances on this survival show!

NiZiU’s Nina’s Focus Fancams

Niziu Nina fancam

Fancam is a popular term among K-pop fans. This term is a video that has been recorded by fans or even TV shows, and, after that, they are uploaded through any social media or online platform such as YouTube.

The term is divided into two parts, namely a focus fancam for groups and individual members. All fans want to watch their favorite idols’ performance many times, so they watch it through focus fancams. Related to this, we have provided videos of Nina’s focus fancams, so click the videos below!

From this article, we can say that Nina isn’t only the youngest member in NiZiU, but she is a treasure in this group because she has a million talents. So, that’s all the information about NiZiU’s Nina that you have read. So, what do you think about Nina? Please kindly put your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!