The Lead Vocalist of NiziU, Miihi: Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-Debut, Weight Loss, and More!

niziu miihi profile

The Charming Member of NiziU, Suzuno Miihi

Have you heard about NiziU? They are the first Japanese girl group from JYP Entertainment and consists of 9 members. One of them is Suzuno Miihi who has lots of charms and talents. No wonder many people are curious about her. Do you want to know more about her? Channel Korea will provide you with every detail about NiziU’s Miihi, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of NiziU’s Miihi

niziu miihi profile

Birth Name: Suzuno Miihi

Stage Name: Miihi

Birth: Kyoto, Japan, August 12, 2004

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Blood Type: O

Height: 159 cm

Weight: –

Occupation: Singer

Nationality: Japanese

Position in NiziU: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Years Active: 2020 – present

Label: JYP Entertainment

Associated With: Nizi Project, NiziU

Fun Facts About Miihi That You Shouldn’t Miss!

niziu miihi profile
  • Miihi’s hometown is in Kyoto, Japan
  • Miihi attended Tinkerbell Music School in Kyoto, Japan
  • Before joining Nizi Project, Miihi used to be a trainee under JYP Entertainment with Rima and Mako of NiziU
  • In Japan, her name, Miihi, is very rare
  • When Miihi was younger, she wanted to open up a cake shop
  • Miihi had braces
  • When she sleeps, she talks in her sleep
  • People are impressed by Miihi’s Korean even though she is of Japanese origin
  • She loves TWICE, and her bias is Tzuyu
  • Miihi falls asleep very quickly
  • She appeared in Stray Kids‘ “Back Door” music video with Mako, Rima, Rio, Ayaka, and Maya

Get To Know NiziU’s Miihi’s Ideal Type Here

niziu miihi profile

Many fans are curious about NiziU’s Miihi’s ideal type since Miihi is known for her cheerful personality. In the group, she is also known as the smile-maker! However, NiziU’s Miihi has not revealed her ideal type yet. She is more focused on her career, but we would like to know about her ideal type sometime in the future!

Miihi’s Pre-Debut Era: Appearance in Nizi Project and More

niziu miihi profile

Before Miihi’s debut as a NiziU member, she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment. Luckily, Miihi was scouted by JYP Entertainment when she was attending a TWICE concert since Miihi is also a fan of the group.

Later on, she joined the survival show Nizi Project and showed off her natural charms as well as powerful skills in dancing and singing. As a result, she finished the show in 6th place which made her successfully become a member of Nizi Project‘s upcoming girl group, NiziU!

Miihi’s Debut With NiziU

niziu girl group miihi profile

After Miihi finished the show Nizi Project and was selected as part of the girl group’s final lineup, she shortly debuted afterward. Miihi and the other 8 members debuted as NiziU on December 2, 2020, by releasing “Step and a Step.” In the group, Miihi is the lead vocalist and lead dancer.

niziu girl group miihi profile

Previously, the group released a pre-debut track entitled “Make You Happy” on June 30, 2020. The girl group NiziU became even more special since they are the first Japanese girl group signed under JYP Entertainment. No wonder NiziU emphasized the J-pop genre which matches the members’ characteristics and the group’s concept as well.

Watch the Fancam Performances of NiziU’s Miihi

niziu miihi profile

Check out Miihi’s performance through the focus fan cam videos here:

Miihi looks extremely adorable while performing “Poppin’ Shakin'” with the other NiziU members! Dressed up in white outfits, her dance performance also looks very bright, not to mention the way she sings with stable vocals!

While performing “Step and a Step,” Miihi came up with a colorful concept that made her appearance look even more vibrant and bright. Even though she was a rookie idol at that time, Miihi’s skills were beyond expectation!

NiziU’s Miihi’s Drastic Weight Loss

niziu miihi profile

Despite the euphoria of Miihi’s debut with NiziU, there was unpleasant news regarding her health. She once experienced drastic weight loss which made her appearance look skinnier than ever. Due to her weight loss, Miihi has also had some concerns about her health.

JYP Entertainment then gave an official statement regarding the news. They stated that Miihi needed to take a break to get some rest since her health was deteriorating. During her break, Miihi also went to medical treatment and focused on her recovery.

That is everything about Miihi’s profile from NiziU! We will be looking forward to her new project with NiziU and will always support her career! What do you guys think about NiziU’s Miihi? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!