Who is Nine Muses’ Leader?



Nine Muses Leaders From Debut Until Now

Nine Muses is a South Korean girl group that was formed by Star Empire on 2010. They debuted with a 9 member formation. The group has a graduation concept, so the line up has continued to change until now. Now, Nine Muses consists of 4 active members who are promoting as a sub-unit and 1 non-active member who is currently on hiatus. Because the group members keep changing, the leader of the group had to be changed 3 times until now. Let’s check it out.

2010 – 2011 : Debut Era Leader, Rana


When Nine Muses made their debut in 2010 with their title song ‘No Playboy’, Rana was Nine Muses’ leader at that time. On an episode of Korean Karaoke TV Show ‘1000 Song Challenge’ in 2013, she revealed that her reason for leaving the Nine Muses was because she can’t sing. After her departure, she began to work as a model again, just as she was doing before her debut with Nine Muses.

2011 – 2014 : Nine Muses Original Leader, Sera


After Rana’s departure from Nine Muses, Sera became Nine Muses’ leader. Many people claim that Sera was the original leader of Nine Muses, but the leader position was given to Rana right before Nine Muses debuted.

Many people were really sad at the time she departed from Nine Muses. When Sera left the group, public began to criticize the company and the group. On the other hand, there are some points that made people glad that she decided to leave Nine Muses. Here are several reason that surfaced online.

  1. The other Nine Muses didn’t respect her as the leader and they let her take all the blame by herself.
  2. As the leader, she felt depressed because no one cared about her at the agency or within the group.
  3. The star Empire boss was caught slapping Sera at one occasion which shocked the public. 

2014 – Now : Nine Muses Current Leader, Hyemi


After Sera’s departure from Nine Muses, Hyemi took the Nine Muses’ leader position in 2014. With it came many formation changes from then until now. Hyemi still stayed at Nine Muses. She renewed her contract with her agency Star Empire in July 2017. She joined the rest of Nine Muses members Kyungri, Sojin and Keumjo. As a sub-unit they’re called Nine Muses A and they’re goal is to promote Nine Muses while waiting until Sung Ah comes back from hiatus.