The Secret Behind Nine Muses’ Diet Plan

Nine Muses

What is the Female K-pop Idol’s Diet Plan?

Diet plans have always been the hot topic to be discussed when people talk about K-pop idols, especially female K-pop idols. A super tight diet plan is arranged for each K-pop idols to get the perfect body shape. Each of them has their own diet plans that most suit their body shape goal which is arranged by their agency. The same thing goes for Nine Muses. Nine Muses is known as one of the female K-pop idols who has a unique diet plan. Here we will reveal Nine Muses diet plan for you!

Nine Muses Paper Cup Diet Plan

In June 2013, Nine Muses members appeared in SBS E’s “Star Beauty Show”. During their appearance in that episode, they revealed their diet plans to get gorgeous bodies for the public. The diet plan that Nine Muses members follows is called the “Paper Cup Diet”.

nine muses paper cup diet

The “Paper Cup Diet” is actually pretty easy to follow. First, you need to prepare 3 paper cups. You have to fill the first cup with rice. As for the second cup, you have to fill it with side dishes, and the last paper cup with veggies or fruits. It will be much better to have whole grain rice, or soup rather than white rice and make sure your side dishes aren’t cooked with oil, less salt, and grease. It is fine if the dieter drink liquids low in calories but they aren’t allowed to eat anything outside the 3 paper cups. During “Star Beauty Show”, Nine Muses members also showed how they did the paper cup diet. They also mentioned that even though the meals are usually low sodium and low fat, this paper cup diet also works when they are eating out.

The advantage gained by following the “Paper Cup Diet” is that people can see and realize how much food they consume. By realizing this, people will tend to prevent themselves from overeating. Also, “Paper Cup Diet” reduces stress of those who adapt to it because the “Paper Cup Diet” doesn’t restrict people in terms of the menu.

“Paper Cup Diet” gives the dieter the food with enough nutrition but smaller amounts of fat that keeps the dieter healthy and fit. But you need to always keep veggies, fruits, and kimchi in stock. For Nine Muses, especially Sera and Hyemi, the “Paper Cup Diet” works 100%. They had followed this diet plan for 5 months and they really showed their results during their comeback for Nine Muses “Ticket”.

Nine Muses Sera Revealed Her Diet Plan When She Was A Trainee


The former member of Nine Muses, Sera, also once shared her diet plan when she was still a trainee under Star Empire Entertainment. Sera amazed everyone as she showed a slimmer physique when they released their “Figaro” comeback. Sera herself revealed that she had lost around 20kg of weight since her trainee days. Nine Muses’ agency, Star Empire Entertainment, explained that Sera weighed more than 70 kg when she was still a trainee. It happened due to stress. After that, she started her diet plan and lost more than 20 kg. Sera said “So what’s the secret to her diet? A lot of exercise and food control”. She mentioned that she drank only mixed grains power drink when she got up in the morning to curb the tendency to binge on an empty stomach.

Not only that, she also did aerobic exercise and special training to lose weight for an hour in gym. Before her regular weight training session, she would also drink a glass of protein shake. For Sera, instead of having snacks, it is better to have a glass of milk since it is much easier to binge when hungry.

Sera used to have a very tight diet that made her prone to anemia. Sera explained, “I weighed over 70 kg when I first began training so I’ve been consistent with my diet. I tried one food diet and sometimes just starved. She also added “After suffering from the yo-yo process and the stress of it, I’d go on a binge out of disappointment. That soon began to affect my health and made me prone to anemia, which made me realize that although I could lose weight with the help of pills or shots, I’d go through the yo-yo process no matter what.”

Sera then started exercising and she finally gained strength back and her body became much healthier and lighter. She added, I‘m currently 170 cm tall and weigh in at 50 kg, but I’ll continue dieting to manage my body.” Up till now, Sera still maintains her weight and good body shape by consuming only healthy food products, such as sweet potatoes.

Nine Muses Sera Eating Menu

nine muses sera

The secret to having a good body shape and weight is of course having a good eating menu, and here are some eating menus from Nine Muses Sera:

1. Drink powder drink of mixed grains to boost metabolism

2. Drink protein shakes after exercise or workout

3. Eat only healthy snacks

4. Drink a glass of milk if you are hungry

The Secret of Nine Muses Minha and Sojin Diet

Nine Muses’ Minha and Sojin appeared in Ceci Magazine’s August issue. They were shot wearing sporty and sexy clothes. Both of them gained a lot of attention as their minimal clothes showed their very good body shapes. For the Ceci Magazine articles, they were asked about how they built their good body shape, to which they answered “Rather than a starving diet, I focus on cultivating a flexible body through stretching and life habits.” Minha was also asked about the secret of her popular lean legs. She said that “I practice choreography every day with high heels so leg muscles just form. I massage my calves in the shower or before going to bed.”