Let’s Find Out More About 2PM’s Nichkun’s Solo Activity While the Other 2PM Members Are Currently Active As Soldiers


Let’s get Closer with 2PM’s Nichkhun and His Latest News

You must be familiar with JYP Entertainment’s famous boy group, 2PM, right? In this article, Channel-Korea will explain everything about one of the members of 2PM, Nichkhun. Nichkhun is a Thai-American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and model who is currently based in South Korea as a member of the South Korean boy band 2PM. He debuted in 2008 as a member of the boy band 2PM. Nichkhun comes from a wealthy background, which earned him the nickname “Thai Prince” in South Korea.

At the age of five, he moved to Thailand from the United States with his family. At the age of twelve, he started attending Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand to finish his education at Los Osos High School. Nichkhun was scouted by a scout manager of JYP Entertainment at the Los Angeles Korean Music Festival. After passing an audition hosted by JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun signed an eight-year contract with the company but later contracted to South Korea in 2006 as a trainee, being put into a class with 24 other students.

As a male citizen of Thailand, Nichkhun was subject to the military draft lottery in 2009 and subsequently received an exemption from military service. Want to find out more about his latest news? And want to know when exactly 2PM will comeback? Stay tuned!

Film Brother and Sister


Besides being famous for his dancing talents, Nichkhun also has quite good acting talent. In December 2017, Nichkhun was confirmed to star in the Thai film titled Brother & Sister. Nichkhun has been acting for about 5 years, since his Thai film debut, Seven Something. Nichkhun will work with Sunny Suwanmethanon and Urassaya Sperbund.

In this film, Nichkhun plays Moji, Jane’s boyfriend, played by Urassaya Sperbund and Sunny Suwanmethanont who plays Chut, Jane’s brother. The comedy film depicts the beautiful and touching story of a brother and sister’s relationship. Brother & Sister film tells about the incompetent brother and outstanding sister who were born to fight with each other. Jane excels in everything she does. Therefore, Chut always makes fun of his sister since childhood. After Jane gets a Japanese boyfriend, Chut is the way to break them up. At the same time, Jane does her best to defend her love.

Nichkhun is a bit of a nerd in real life, just like his bookish character Moji. He said, “I like to google stuff. I hate not knowing. If we are talking about something, I will take out my phone right away and search it. I’ll try to remember it. I like the random facts in my head.”

Well, have you watched the movie? What do you think?

Nichkhun Visiting Jakarta For a Holiday


Everyone definitely needs a vacation, including an idol. In the midst of their busy schedules filling and starring in various events, if they have free time for a vacation they will use it to vacation to places they want. One of them, Nichkhun, in October 2018, shocked his fans in Indonesia because he had time to share his photos from the vacation in Indonesia, precisely in Jakarta.

Nichkhun surprised everyone by uploading a photo of the place where he stayed and wrote the caption, “Hello Jakarta, long time no see!” Of course, the photo immediately surprised his fans in Jakarta and they tried to find out and see how Nichkhun vacationed in Jakarta.


Finally, the mystery of why Nichkhun was in Jakarta was solved. Nichkhun went to Jakarta for a vacation and for filming for the YouTube channel, Amazing Thailand. The official YouTube account that promotes tourism activities in Thailand. Nichkhun was indeed in Jakarta to promote small things from Thailand in Indonesia.

Nichkhun traveled to Jakarta with his younger brother Cherreen Nachjaree to bring a culinary session at the beginning of the event where he brought along his crew and younger siblings to taste Thai food in one of the restaurants at Grand Indonesia, the Greyhound Cafe. Nichkhun said, “Now that we are in Jakarta, we eat Thai food. Very Thai. You can go anywhere in the world and find very Thai Thai food.” After that, Nichkhun and Cherreen enjoyed their time exploring Kota Tua by bicycle.

Nichkhun’s Solo Fan Meeting Khunvitation


In 2017, Nichkhun held his first fan meeting titled Khunvitation. Reporting from Allkpop, seems that fans in Asia get to have quality time with Nichkhun as the winter comes, with stops in Japan beginning from November 29th – 30th, 2017, and from December 13th – 14th, 2017, and his Korean stop being on December 3rd, 2017. More dates will be announced for China and Thailand very soon.

After the success of his fan meeting in 2017, Nichkhun again held a fan meeting in 2018. Nichkhun really proved his popularity as a Hallyu Star in the solo fan meeting in China titled Nichkhun Fan Meeting Tour ‘NI + KHUN.’ In Nanjing, Nichkhun met his fans at the Nanjing Gymnasium Annex in the Olympic Sports Center where they treated them with various song numbers and activities. “Nanjing is the area where 2PM had its first concert in China, and I feel that it is better to have a solo fan meeting here,” he said.

For his fan meeting, Nichkhun had prepared special songs and games to be played along with his lucky fans. Starting last year, until early this year, the singer-actor traveled around Asia for his first solo fan meeting. He visited various cities, including Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, and Bangkok where he was met warmly and with much enthusiasm by fans who gathered to see him live.

Nichkhun’s Japan and Korea Solo Album Me


In February 2019, Nichkhun released his first solo album. His solo album is titled Me and will contain nine songs made by Nichkhun himself. The songs are all written and sung in English. One of them is “Lucky Charm,” which according to JYP’s statement is, “combining melancholic melodies with Nichkhun’s sweet voice.”

“The song tells about fantasy and reality. He may sound soothing if you listen to it in the morning or before going to sleep,” Nichkhun said. In addition, the album ME will also contain songs dedicated to Nichkhun fans called Hottest. “Umbrella” is the title of a special song supported by four different languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and Thai. Nichkhun has his own story behind it.

“For the past 10 years, Hottest has protected me from rain. I want to reply to that,” Nichkhun said about the one song. He continued, “Umbrella is an honest chant,” made as if he was speaking directly to his fans, “From now on, I will be the umbrella for you guys.” “HOME” is also one of the best songs, besides “Mars” and “Colorful X’Mas.”

Nichkhun’s Japanese Solo Concert NICHKHUN (From 2PM) Premium Solo Concert 2018 HOME


After holding a fan meeting in 2018, Nichkhun held his solo concert in Japan which was attended by many fans in Japan. Nichkhun was at the Tokyo Dome’s City Hall for his Nichkhun Solo Concert’ Home ‘Encore in Japan Sweet 624 on June 27th and 28th. The “624” in the title alludes to his birthday on June 24th, so it might mean that he’s doing something special for his birthday as well.

Before performing a solo concert in Japan, Nichkhun held a concert in Seoul, South Korea. On May 11th and 12th, 2018 Nichkhun held his first ever Korean solo concert HOME at Ewha University’s Samsung Hall in Seoul. Taecyeon, who was scheduled to be discharged from the military, attended the first night of the concert with Junho, while Chansung attended the second night.

Reporting from Soompi, after the first night of the show, 2PM’s official Instagram account shared a sweet photo of Taecyeon and Junho meeting up with Nichkhun backstage, along with the caption, “Today, everyone’s day has been waiting and waiting for. 2PM’s No. 3 and No. 5 biggest fans, who came to cheer on Nichkhun at his first domestic solo concert (they were reportedly going wild talking about how cool Nichkhun’s concert was and how handsome he looked!).”

After the second night, 2PM shared a similar photo of Chansung and Nichkhun hanging out backstage, accompanied with the caption, “The emotionally moving first domestic solo concert since Nichkhun’s debuted 11 years ago! Nichkhun’s ‘HOME,’ in which he danced well with a flawless face! (Featuring 2PM’s No. 6 biggest fan, the youngest, who passionately cheered on Nichkhun from the audience with a beaming grin on his face).”

Nichkhun’s Chinese Drama Shall We Fall in Love


In 2018, Nichkhun starred in the Chinese web drama titled Shall We Fall in Love? In the web drama, Nichkhun acted alongside former Miss A member Fei who also starred in the drama. Nichkhun plays Jiang Yinan and Fei acts as Liang Dingfei.

Reported from Chinesedrama, this web drama tells about a young man’s journey from a nobody to someone who proves to work and wins over love and friendship. Jiang Yinan is an unemployed young man with limited options due to his lack of credentials. Nevertheless, he is an optimistic and cheerful fellow among the many people in the jobless pool. During a random encounter, Yinan saves Chen Xinyue played by Li Muchen who has fallen into the water. Xu Haoyu is played by Wang Zirui’s provocations which are caused by his attraction to Chen Xinyue.

Yinan relies on hard work and quick thinking to not only secure the job, but to become the top applicant of ShenYuan Group’s open recruitment. Unhappy with Yinan’s happy-go-lucky attitude, Xu Haoyu makes life difficult for Yinan at every turn. His girlfriend Liang Dingfei, on the other hand, is full of curiosity towards Yinan. As it turns out, Yinan’s acceptance was a mistake by President Jin who tried to cover it up to ensure that Yinan was pushed out of the company.