See Some Interesting Moments of 2PM’s Nichkhun on ‘Running Man’!


General Information About Nichkhun

Who doesn’t know Nichkhun? He is one of the members of 2PM, a boy group that rose to fame under JYP Entertainment, first appearing on the scene in 2010. As the one and the only member who comes from Thailand and was born in California, America, Nichkhun obviously has an interesting and magnificently good-looking appearance, which has made all of his fans fall madly in love with his charisma and charm. Aside from his bustle with 2PM, on certain occasions, Nichkhun has also participated in variety shows, such as Running Man.

To be exact, Nichkhun has appeared in Running Man in episodes 4, 5, 40, 306, and many more. Wanna see funny and interesting moments of Nichkhun in Running Man? In this article, Channel-Korea will present you with the gorgeous Nichkhun from 2PM and his memorable moments in Running Man!

Nickhun in Running Man


For Nichkhun’s fans, the news of his appearances in Running Man must be one of the most important news. Even though when Nichkhun made his appearance in Running Man, he did it without any other member of 2PM, his fans were still excited to see him on the show.

A very memorable and interesting moment from Running Man is the episode where the show visited Nichkhun’s house in Thailand. The episode was titled “Running Man Special 50th Episode in Thailand” and turned out, they went to Nichkhun’s house in Thailand. They walked around Nichkhun’s house and got acquainted with Nichkun’s family. One of the presenters from Running Man, Haha, went so far to even jokingly express his feelings to one of Nichkhun’s sister.

Around 20 members of Nichkhun’s family participated in that episode. Well, no wonder, Nichkhun’s family was famously recognized by people, because his family is almost like real celebrities.


In episode 40 of Running Man, Nichkhun appeared with his mate from 2PM, Taecyeon. This episode, as usual, started with a game of reverse chasing. Nichkhun and Taecyeon were running after Running Man’s member. The venue of episode 40 was located in France Village. All of the members of Running Man had a mission to collected 8 costumes of Le Petit Prince in France Village. Because of the quite hard mission and open location, Nichkhun and Taecyeon could easily catch up to almost all of Running Man’s member, except for Ji Hyo.

Nichkhun & Taecyeon

In the next game, members of the show, along with Nichkhun and Taecyeon as guests, had to form an orchestra. Nichkhun got the chance to show off his ability in playing the keyboard.


Nickhun also even participated in Running Man with former members of Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung, and Song Ji-hyo as guests. In that episode, the mission was about the battle for the Golden Piggy Bank. The members are trying to figure out the group dynamic and chemistry.

Running Man ep 4

In 2016, Nichkhun was reported of appearing in Running Man with Lee Ki-woo and Nine Muses’ Kyungri, where they had already made the necessary shooting for the episode with Yoo Jae-suk in Incheon. Interestingly, in this episode 306, Nichkhun, Lee Ki-woo, and Kyungri were each wearing a blonde wig on their heads while passing by the seashore.


The picture above is the one that was also posted on the official Instagram account of Running Man. They look cute with those wigs, right?