After Breaking Up with Tiffany Young, Does 2PM’s Nichkhun Have Another Girlfriend to Reveal?

Ladies Man, 2PM’s Nichkhun?

The visual and center of the group 2PM, Nichkhun is known for his charming smile and sparkly eyes. His stunning visuals charmed the hearts of fans around the world, coupled with lines fluently delivered in English and Korean. As it came out to be, his charms did not only work to his advantage at gaining fame as part of his group but also to warm the hearts of potential romantic partners. This was revealed through the shocking scandal of his relationship with former Girls Generation member, Tiffany Young.

The scandal that rocked the Korean entertainment industry in 2014 has died down now after the couple announced their break-up, yet it opens up the opportunity for a new lover to come in and sweep Nichkhun off his feet. So has he been dating anyone new? What kind of traits does he look for in a partner? Is Tiffany Young the only women in his life so far? Let’s take a look at Nichkhun’s relationship preferences and dating history!

2PM’s Nichkhun’s Ideal Type

Since his debut days, Nichkhun has taken his time in a lot of interviews and TV shows being asked about his ideal type, and it has changed throughout his career. Previously, he has never been specific in describing his ideal type and pretty much followed the trend or mentioned the current it girl or famous female idol in its place.

For example, during the height of 2PM’s career in 2009, he has mentioned that his ideal type is someone like Yoona from the girl group, Girls Generation. This seemingly ironic mention of a member from the same girl group of his the-to-be girlfriend, Tiffany Young, seems very candid and unplanned. Yet for those who follow him religiously, this might be taken as just a way to promote a commercial they did together for Carribean Bay, a waterpark.

Recently, he has been more open about the type of girl he likes and specific traits he looks for in a girl. In a visit to the TV show, Let’s Eat Dinner Together, he mentioned that he likes a girl who loves her family and is good to her parents. This seemingly abstract description could then be linked to some of his previous relationships, as it fits some of his supposed partners very well. Aside from that, he has also mentioned his interest in older, more mature women from the very beginning. Even his first girlfriend, at the age of 17, was someone who was older than him by 6 years.

2PM’s Nichkhun’s Views on Dating and Marriage

Regarding his views on dating and marriage itself, Nichkhun has mentioned multiple times that even though he dates and has dated, marriage is still very far in the future. In one interview, he stated that he thinks marriage will come somewhere along the line but not now because it might still hurt his fans’ hearts. Besides that, he also has fears regarding what happens after marriage, whether or not his future wife-to-be might hate him after they have gotten married for various reasons.