Newlyweds Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Their Love Story

What Is The Latest Update From The Newlyweds, Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin?

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Started His Military Service

One month after Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin officially tied the knot, Taeyang must join the military service starting on March 12th 2018. According to YG Entertainment, the lead vocal of the nation’s legendary boy group, BIGBANG, will be going under the basic military training for 5 weeks in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province before being assigned to an army unit. His fans are gathered around to say goodbye without any presence of his wife, Min Hyo-rin.

However, this is not the end of BIGBANG’s career in the music industry. Quoted from BIGBANG’s latest song, before each member has joined their military service, there was a message to their fans that they will return well and walk the flower road together.

Here is the latest update from Taeyang, on his personal Instagram account, before enlisting for the military service.

“D-1 #BIGBANG #FlowerRoad I will be right back 💕 Walking in the flower path everyone ☘️💐🌷🌺🌸” – @__youngbae__

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin Spotted Dating At A Café During His Break From Military

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin are one of the sweetest celebrity couples. They were dating since 2013 and married in February 2018. Unfortunately, a month after officially becoming husband and wife, Min Hyo-rin must be willing to be left for a while by Taeyang who has to undergo the military service.

Compulsory military service is hard, but fortunately there are still opportunities for holidays. Taeyang is now on vacation. At a time like this, BIGBANG’s lead vocalist and dancer did not forget the loyal fans who are waiting for his music works.

On June 6th 2018, Taeyang greeted his fans through Instagram. He posted a cute and adorable childhood photo. The caption is short, it’s just ‘Hi’, but it made fans happy because they know the idol is fine.

As a husband who is undergoing state duty and forced to part with his wife, Taeyang certainly utilizes this compulsory military vacation to spend time with Min Hyo-rin. Their photos while together were widely circulated in the online community and media outlet.

As reported from Allkpop, the two photos of Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin were taken while they were enjoying their free time together at a café. The photos seemed to be taken quietly, judging by it’s low quality. However, the affection of this matching couple makes anyone smile only by seeing it.

Hopefully during this military holiday, Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin can get some quality time together. Their fans sending a lot of support for the newlyweds and hope that Min Hyo-rin will remain patient and wait for her husband in the next 2 years until he completes his military service on 2019.

Is It True That Min Hyo-rin Always Visit Taeyang To The Military Base Every Week?

On July 23rd 2018, BIGBANG’s Seungri has appeared on Section TVaired on MBC, he revealed that he once received a call from Taeyang and had a chance to talk with him on the phone. Taeyang said that he was in good training and he’s doing well right now. The lead vocalist of BIGBANG also sent his love to the maknae by saying that he loves him even though Seungri thinks that he should’ve said that to Min Hyo-rin instead.

As reported from Allkpop, BIGBANG’s Seungri also added that he heard about his sister-in-law [Min Hyo-rin] visiting Taeyang at the military base every week.

These were all the information about BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin’s love story that we could share with you. The celebrity couple has been officially dating for 3 years starting from 2014, and dating publicly since 2015, before deciding to get married and confirm their plans for marriage in December 2017. Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin held a private yet the most romantic wedding ceremony on February 3rd, 2018, that has ever happened in the K-Pop industry. Let’s hope for all the best to the happy newlyweds in the future!