Newlyweds Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Their Love Story

Have Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin Ever Broken Up?

During Min Hyo-rin’s guest appearance on ‘Radio Star’, aired on MBC, in May 2016, the actress who was known for her role in the drama Persevere, Goo Hae-ra, stated that they had broken up once in their relationship, and then they started dating again.

In December 2017, Min Hyo-rin was asked about her relationship with Taeyang during an interview; whether she ever broke up with her boyfriend. Min Hyo-rin revealed that there was a breakup rumor that has been spreading in the public, but she denied it right away and said that it wasn’t true. Min Hyo-rin and Taeyang have been dating in public since 2015, and when Taeyang released an album in early 2017, the rumor about their break up surfaced in Darling, one of Taeyang singles, which reveals a broken heart.

“I was surprised when I heard the rumor because we have actually never broken up. The rumor has been spreading after the release of Darling and I think they made up stories based on the lyrics. However, I should be very careful when speaking about our relationship, since my boyfriend is an idol and I have to take that into consideration.” Min Hyo-rin

The actress, who appeared as a model on FT Island’s Only One Person music video, revealed that she still feels uneasy every time they go out in public with her boyfriend. Taeyang is her priority even when she has to go through hard times: “We have been working in the same industry for a long time, and when I should face a difficult situation, especially in my acting career, I turn to my boyfriend and talk with him about a lot of things.”

What Happened During The Relationship Between Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin?

Knowing that they both work in the entertainment industry, it’s not a secret anymore that this couple is very supportive of each other. Taeyang who has worked as an idol and also a songwriter has revealed that Min Hyo-rin is one of the main inspirations for his work. Taeyang’s newest solo album, White Night, referred to Min Hyo-rin as his muse during the production of the music.

Taeyang himself has mentioned, at the press conference for the album release, that he always thinks of Min Hyo-rin as his muse because she’s the person whom he loves the most and the girl who has become a model for various music videos, influencing his music just like the previous work on Eyes, Nose, Lips.

When Taeyang appeared as a guest on Oppa Thinking’, he revealed about his sense of humor and how it works on his girlfriend, Min Hyo-rin. At first, he talked about how his jokes affect the other BIGBANG’s members and found no one is laughing at them since his sense of humor is mostly based on dad jokes, which are old-school jokes and there are only a few people who understand them. Taeyang then continued by saying that if the members are laughing at his jokes, then that means they’re lost.

When it comes to Min Hyo-rin, Taeyang revealed that she’s being cold and doesn’t find his sense of humor funny at all. The lead vocal of BIGBANG never stopped trying to make his girlfriend fall for his jokes because he wanted to see sincere laughter from his girlfriend.

How Taeyang treats his girlfriend, Min Hyo-rin, is also adorable. Taeyang expressed his love for his girlfriend, on ‘Radio Star’, in such a sweet way by telling that he frequently writes handwritten letters to Min Hyo-rin and sends them to her whenever he thinks of his lover. The idol who sings Ringa Linga, himself, also explained that sometimes he sends the letters through the mail but sometimes he gives them, accompanied by a flower, directly to his girlfriend.

Taeyang’s fellow member, G-Dragon, said that during his relationship with Min Hyo-rin Taeyang’s feelings and moods were visibly changing. And another close friend of his, from the same group, Seungri, also revealed that Min Hyo-rin controlled Taeyang’s mood.

“He is [Taeyang] is a very cheerful guy and if something happened with him, it will show up in his expression. During the day when he was in a bad mood, Taeyang would let out a deep sigh or would look miserable.” – G-Dragon

This statement has been confirmed to be true by the fact that Taeyang has always blamed himself every time he would fight with his girlfriend, Min Hyo-rin. In March 2017, BIGBANG appeared as a guest on Radio Starand G-Dragon stated that Taeyang’s attitude depends on how Min Hyo-rin acts around him. When the MC asked Taeyang whether this was the case, Taeyang quickly denied it. Seungri, who is in charge of being the youngest member of BIGBANG snatched the denial from Taeyang and said it was true that his girlfriend is like a ‘remote control’ for his mood.

The other BIGBANG member, T.O.P also stated that Taeyang never gets angry at his girlfriend and revealed that he is the reason for them fighting with each other. Daesung added that Taeyang has always been saying that his existence is the reason why Min Hyo-rin always gets mad at him.

“I think I’m very lacking and unknowledgeable when it comes to relationships because this is my first time to have her as my girlfriend. I have no idea what to do when I’m angry, and I always get frustrated every time I have to understand what she wants me to be.” Taeyang

A Supportive Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Nevertheless, they had to overcome some difficult times in their relationship and solve the problems together. At the very beginning of their relationship, Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin always appeared as a supportive couple, which could be seen when Min Hyo-rin debuted as a member of a temporary girl group through the variety show Sister’s Slam Dunk’, aired on KBS. Taeyang, as a supportive boyfriend, sent a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend in between her schedules. He also attached a sweet and romantic card in front of the bouquet saying “My Flower, My Muse.”

Back when their dating rumor had been confirmed by both of their agencies, Min Hyo-rin showed her support for her boyfriend, Taeyang, when BIGBANG held concerts in Sydney, in October 2015. Min Hyo-rin was seen attending the concerts in Sydney, Australia for 2 days in a row. Some of the audience, who also attended BIGBANG’s concerts, have taken photos of Min Hyo-rin at the venue cheering for her boyfriend and posted them on social media.

The photos above were taken while Min Hyo-rin was watching BIGBANG’s concert in the middle of the audience seat. From her expression, it can be seen that she is very happy to support her boyfriend while he’s working. Another photo captured the actress who starred in Triplesmiling during the concert. Although the photos were shaky, Min Hyo-rin was sitting in a regular seat rather than the VIP section, and she also seemed to talk with the audience during the concert.

Another photo captured Min Hyo-rin’s presence at Taeyang solo concert. This one is a little bit different since the CEO of YG Entertainment has also made his appearance during the concert and he was sitting next to Min Hyo-rin. Yang Hyun-suk was spotted enjoying the ‘White Night’ World Tour concert that was held at Jamsil Indoor Museum in Seoul back on August 26th, 2017.

Min Hyo-rin and Yang Hyun-suk successfully caught the audience’s attention at the venue since they stood out the most among the audience. In another photo, it can be seen that Min Hyo-rin is very cheerful and acts like the biggest fangirl of Taeyang.