Everything About Newkidd: Profile, Facts, Discography, and More!

Newkidd’s Showcase 2019


To promote their debut, Newkidd held a debut showcase on April 23rd, 2019, at Heart Box, Lotte Fitin on Jalan Eulji, Jonggu, Seoul. The seven Newkidd members performed the song with quite a spectacular concept.

In their showcase, Yunmin said, “The new members were trained while trusting in each other, so I’m happy that we got to debut like this. I want to show people what the New Year has to offer.”

Han-sol said, “Unlike our two previous albums, this one has some really powerful choreography. We would practice until the sun rose. But because we practiced so much, we have a unique affection for this song. This album is priceless because of the work that our members have put into it.” Han-sol also spoke about his debut with UNB and Newkidd, he said, “The UNB members have a group chatroom,” he said during the showcase. “When I told them I was making my official debut, the members congratulated me and told me to do well. They supported me a lot.”

Newkidd also shared that their role model is BTS. Newkidd made a cover of BTS “DNA” at the ceremony where BTS were present as well. Yunmin said, “We were really nervous to be performing in front of our idol artists, but I want to thank them for enjoying the performance and clapping for us.”

Well, please give a lot of support and love for Newkidd!

Newkidd’s Latest News


There is no recent news about Newkidd lately. After officially debuting on April 25th, 2019, and previously holding a showcase on April 23rd, 2019, in Seoul, Newkidd focused on their activities to promote their latest single.

Newkidd also did their best to increase their popularity like BTS and provide inspiration for many people with their songs.

Well, good luck to Newkidd!