Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann: Profile, Facts, and ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ Appearance

Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann’s Debut Era

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann

On April 23, 2019, Newkidd’s debut showcase “NEWKIDD” was held on the 9th floor of Dongdaemun Lotte Fit-In Heart Box in Seoul. This time, they were promoted as a six-member group. They debuted with 7 original members with Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Choi Ji-ann, Yunmin, Woochul, Kang Seungchan, and Hwi with their official debut song titled “Tu Eres.”

The emotions of the newly joined members were unique. Choi Ji-ann said, “I am happy every day to be working as a Newkidd’s member with my cute younger brothers and a great older brother [Ji Hansol]. I am one step closer to my dream of debuting so I am happy that we are working on that dream together.”

Choi Ji-ann also shared his relationship with Newkidd’s members and said, “The members are very nice and they are like family. I was able to quickly adapt to the team and what I am doing now is fun.”

During their debut era, there were still many people who did not know the charm of Newkidd because it was still a rookie group, but Choi Ji-ann had his own charm and said, “I think I can show various charms through dancing and singing. I’m a little shy, but I’m active when I’m with the members.”

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann

Choi Ji-ann who made his debut at 20 years old said, “I also have the sensibility of a teenager. Considering my age, I am still a teenager.

In addition, Choi Ji-ann said, “I think my charming point is the sharp jawline. I was able to play the piano when I was young, and I think the fact that I have good dexterity is also a small charm. Another point is also that I have long hair in the back.”

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann

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