The Story of Boy Band NEW ACE: Changing Name from J-Peace to N. TIC

Keep Changing Their Name Since Debut

N.TIC is a five-member boy-group from JJ Entertainment who debuted on February 26 2018. Back then, they were announced with the name J-PEACE, which they used until September 2017. Since then, they’ve been performing at various events in Japan (They also performed at Showbox Theater in Japan), Korea and China. When they started out they only had three members (Jion, Hiemin, Seunghoo), but then, later in 2016, they were joined by two more members, Seungje & Chanhui, but then a few months later they weren’t in the group anymore. After that, during one of Jion’s live videos in April 2017, the group announced that they had a new member named Jinseo. Then, at the beginning of August 2017, it was announced that Hiemin had left the group and they would be looking for new members.

Not long after that, in the beginning, September, it was officially announced that Sangwook, who was in NewUs and in BOYS24, joined the group as the fourth member. In the same month, the group announced that they would be changing their name from J-PEACE to NEW-ACE for their official debut in January 2018. But, on December 10th, it was announced that NEW-ACE would be changing their name because the name was considered similar to another group by some fans.

On December 29th, 2017, it was announced that their new name was N.TIC, which stands for ‘New Trend ICon’, and that their official debut date would be February 26th, 2018, with a single album.


Cover Compilation

N.TIC also did some covers of a lot of Kpop songs! Here are some clips for you. Enjoy!


Wow! I thought they were BTS for a while. N.TIC can also teach you some K-pop moves from girl-band songs. Here, learn from them.



Single albums


Latest News

In this very year, the boys had a comeback last June with the song Fiction. Before that, in May, through their tweet, they also gladly announced to the fans that the new member, Dowon, would be joining N.TIC starting with the comeback they had in June this year. So proud of the boys! Please give them some love.

Recently, the boys have been undergoing their first European ‘Fiction’ tour, where they have so far performed in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Morocco, Norway, and the UK.

That’s all for the journey of N.TIC. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@ntic_official) to stay updated. It’s refreshing to see the boys keeping up the hard work and continuing making music. We hope they will be dropping an album sometime soon. Anyway, stream N.TIC!