NCT’s Sungchan: Profile, Pre Debut, Birthday, etc.

NCT’s Sungchan the Tall Guy, Height Difference between NCT Members

We know that Sungchan is 185 cm tall, despite his young age. But what makes people, especially the NCT members themselves, shocked is that Sungchan is one of the team’s youngest members. He’s only a year older than Jisung, who is the youngest member. Sungchan is really a baby giant.

Fans are noticing how cute the height difference between Sungchan and other NCT members, since not all members in NCT are above 180 cm, so it is fun to see the height difference between Sungchan and other members and how he tried to bend down to match the heights.

sungchan ten

What do you think of Sungchan’s height? He’s madly tall. If you’re standing next to him, do you think that you two are going to make a cute height difference too? Let us know in the comment!

NCT’s Sungchan’s Look A Like Lee Know and Yamazaki Kento

When NCT announced that they have new members in NCT 2020 Year Party, people were getting so excited. Especially when they see the name, Sungchan and Shotaro. By seeing the name, we know that the trainees who will be debuting in NCT are from Korea and Japan. But which one is the trainee from Japan? That’s what makes some fans confused.

Sungchan has big rounded eyes, making him looks like a Japanese. But Shotaro, well, he’s a Japanese after all; of course, he does look like a Japanese. But the reason that makes people misunderstood Sungchan for the one named “Shotaro” and is from Japan was that his face resembles a Japanese actor, Yamazaki Kento.


Not only Yamazaki Kento, but Sungchan’s face also resembles one of the K-pop idols that had made a debut years before Sungchan debuted. It’s Lee Know from Stray Kids, which you probably know as one of Yamazaki Kento’s doppelganger, or at least passed as his brother.


The three of them surely have the same face structure and captivating eyes. What do you think about this? Do you think that Sungchan looks like Yamazaki Kento and Lee Know? Who do you think looks like him better? Share your thoughts in the comment, please.


We have reached the end of the article about Sungchan, the new rapper from NCT who is crazily tall. Sungchan is not just handsome and tall, but he’s also a talented rapper. Knowing that he’s still young, it is likely that he will improve better and better in terms of rap, sings, dance, etc. And most importantly, which is NCT unit that you think he will be in as a fixed member? Share your thoughts in the comment, please!