Check Out NCT’s Jaehyun’s Charming Appearance As A Model In Magazines

Grazia Magazine

Prince Charming, Is That You?

Who doesn’t like Jaehyun? His sweet voice, his handsome face, and his character could attract every woman to like him. He also looks photogenic. That’s why Jaehyun is everyone’s bias wrecker.

I think it’s not overdone to call him ‘Prince Charming’, as he is literally charming. Only by seeing his smile, you can easily fall in love with him and never get bored of looking at his face.

In this article, we will specially talk about his photoshoots in some magazines. So, get ready to go crazy over him.


Do you still remember about Jaehyun’s photoshoot for Gracia Korea in April 2019? Or haven’t you seen it yet? Here, let me show you.

This is his first-ever solo pictorial with Grazia magazine. In this pictorial, Jaehyun showed his pure, down-to-earth side, representing a regular youth in his 20s, rather than a global star.

Jaehyun also discussed his personal goals for 2019 in this interview. He said that he thought he wanted to show even more sides of himself. He wanted to keep up the effort, and of course, there are higher goals down the line, but this year he wanted to show various sides of himself on stage or through different channels. Just like at the ‘ISAC’, he needs to make the best of opportunities that were given to him.

Let’s see Jaehyun’s preview cuts and find the idol’s full pictorial and interview in the April issue of Grazia!

Which one is your favorite? Mine is when Jaehyun wears white clothes. He looks like an angel from heaven.

Now, check out more of Jaehyun’s photoshoots in other magazines on the next page.