NCT’s Best Visual Jaehyun: Family, Abs, and ‘Law of the Jungle’ Appearances

All You Need To Know About NCT’s Best Visual Jaehyun

Jaehyun was born as Jung Jae-hyun on February 14th, 1997, in Seoul, South Korea. Then, he changed his name to Jung Yoon-Oh and is still going under the new name. Jaehyun was introduced as a member of SM Rookies in December 2013. In January 2015, he hosted the music program Show Champion. Together with Johnny, he became an announcer on SBS’s radio show, NCT’s Night Night! that started airing on March 20th, 2017. Jaehyun is one of the visual lines with NCT’s leader Taeyong. Jaehyun’s position in the Group is a Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper.

NCT’s Jaehyun And iKON’s Yunhyeong Confirmed Their Appearance In an Upcoming Episode of ‘Law Of The Jungle’

NCT’s Jaehyun and iKON’s Yunhyeong were confirmed to be appearing in the latest episode of SBS’ Law of the Jungle.

Law of the Jungle confirmed that more members will be joining in the next episode. On August 10th, the source of the event revealed, “NCT’s Jaehyun and iKON’s Yunhyeong have confirmed their appearance.” They also revealed that these two idols will not be performing at the same time.

Previously, it was announced that Chorong and Bomi Pink would also be guests in the upcoming episode, along with Roy Kim, DinDin, Choo Sung-hoon, Ryu Dam, Noh Woo-jin, Lee Tae-gon, Oh Jong-hyuk, Jung Jin-woon, Lee Moon-shik, and also Kangnam. They will be divided into two teams that will depart for Fiji at different times. In addition, tribal chief Kim Byung Man will not take part in the episode because of his spinal cord injury.

Currently, SBS’ Law of the Jungle is filming its latest episode on Komodo Island. The Fiji episode will air in September after the episode of Komodo Island has finished airing.

Netizens Surprised by NCT’s Jaehyun Stout Body & Section

Recently, Jaehyun made an appearance in Law of the Jungle. Not long ago, SBS again aired its weekly program Law of the Jungle. This reality show program invites several artists to gain experience in nature. In the latest episode, Law of the Jungle had nine artists as guests. Among them were Chorong and Bomi Apink, Choo Sung-hoon, Ryu Dam, Noh Woo-jin, Lee Tae-gon, Oh Jong-hyuk, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and NCT’s Jaehyun.

The nine artists traveled to Fiji where all guest stars would be challenged to carry out activities outside their usual schedules, like staying on the beach, rock climbing, and other activities. Jaehyun had time to entertain the Law of the Jungle team by dancing “Cherry Bomb” without music. This time, the 1997-born idol was a topic of conversation because of his muscular arms that were clearly visible when he dived. He was so sexy that many netizens claimed to have been distracted while watching.

Of all the activities carried out, the ones involving swimming seemed to be the most interesting. Because, unexpectedly, the NCT member, Jaehyun, presented his upper body without clothes. The scene reveals Jaehyun getting ready to get off the boat to swim to the middle of the beach. He also equipped his topless body with a float as a safety tool. Without realizing it, Jaehyun apparently was showing the area of his chest muscles and arm muscles. Jaehyun’s arms were filled with big and strong muscles.

The scene was discussed by netizens in an online community of Pann Nate. Netizens were abuzz talking about the beautiful body of the 20-year-old idol. The following comments from netizens were reported from Pann.

“His arm muscles are awesome,” said a netizen.

“No, but why is he like that? I think he’s just a visual but he’s also good at singing and dancing. Now, he even has a good body?” added another one.

”He is very, very pale. I envy him,” said another.

“His innocent face is very handsome,” added yet another netizen.

Netters Amazed After Finding Out The Background Of NCT’s Jaehyun’s Family

NCT U, the first subgroup of Neo Culture Technology (NCT), debuted on April 9th, with the song “The 7th Sense.” Of the six NCT members, Jaehyun recently managed to attract most of the attention of netizens. Before debuting, Jaehyun had been called the twin of EXO’s Suho, thanks to their similar faces. Apparently, the similarity between Jaehyun and Suho doesn’t stop here.

Revealed via a net post on the Pann site, Jaehyun apparently comes from a wealthy family and his father is working as a doctor. The lead vocalist of NCT U is known to live in Gangnam District 8, which is one of the elite areas in Seoul. As a child, Jaehyun joined his parents living in Los Angeles, United States, for 4 years. No wonder, now, the 1997-born singer is fluent in English.

“He was scouted on the street thanks to his face, but he is good at singing and dancing,” commented a netter.

NCT’s Jaehyun ‘Law Of The Jungle’ Preview