Feel the Sensation of Having a Boyfriend From NCT, Through Their Vlogs on YouTube


NCT Members As Your Boyfriend

NCT members are actively communicating and sharing their moments with their lovely fans, NCTzents. The members routinely share and upload videos on their YouTube channel. They have also made their own episodes and series for their VLog, such as Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC), Back to the 1990s, NCT Hit The States, and more. Fans could not be happier watching their idols’ hilarious and funny daily lives outside their appearance on the stage full of charisma.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with information about what it feels like to have a boyfriend from NCT, through their vlogs on YouTube. Let’s check out some more information about NCT’s VLog on YouTube. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

Accompany Taeil During His Singing Practice


Taeil is a South Korean singer and one of the members and the vocalists of NCT U and the main vocalist of NCT 127. His full name is Moon Tae-il and he was born in Seoul on June 14th, 1994. On December 4th, 2019, Taeil released his Vlog Masked Singer Practice Journal (NCT Taeil: Masked Singer Behind) on the NCT YouTube channel. The video is about the singer’s practice singing from his appearance on The King of Mask Singer.

In the latest episode of MBC’s The King of Mask Singer, aired on November 17th, it was revealed that the contestant King was none other than a popular boy group member, NCT’s Taeil. King performed in round 1 of the show against Queen, and the two contestants kicked off the show with a duet of Baek Ye-rin’s “Across the Universe.”

King performed and sang MAKTUB’s “To You My Light” as his final song and took off his mask, revealing himself as NCT’s Taeil. After his performance, Taeil revealed that he was scared when he was first asked to appear on the show. He said, “The program is a singing contest, and I have never formally sung like this, so I felt a lot of pressure.” He said that all he aimed to do was show everything that he had prepared, but was regretful that he was not able to.


In his practice singing Vlog, Taeil shows his effort to make a satisfying appearance on “The King of Mask Singer.” He diligently went to the practice room and practiced the song so that he can perform well on the show. During his practice session, Taeil shows his awesome singing voice and shows emotions really well.

Go To Jaehyun & Johnny’s Coffee Shop


The members of NCT, Johnny ​​and Jaehyun are indeed known as members of NCT 127 who are so close to each other. Besides being equally proficient in speaking English, both of them also often carry out a series of activities together. All off NCT’s fans, NCTzent, already know that Johnny has his own segment in the NCT vlog named Johnny Communication Center (JCC). In the vlog, Johnny will try new things with one of the NCT members. NCTzents also must have known that Johnny really likes coffee.

In the latest episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, NCT’s Johnny invites one of his group members, Jaehyun to learn to be a barista. The two members of NCT, Jaehyun, and Johnny learned how to make a cup of cappuccino. Unmitigated, both of them are taught by an expert in making coffee drinks.


Arriving at the café, Johnny and Jaehyun were ready to learn to become a barista. Well, before they started to make coffee, they were prepared with a barista-style costume. In addition to both wearing white shirts, and they also wore an apron and gloves to stay sanitary when preparing the coffee, which made their appearance look more handsome and charming. NCTzens thought that Jaehyun and Johnny looked really good in their barista uniforms and started imagining seeing the boys in their local coffee shops taking their orders, and making their drinks.


The funny thing is, the two even gave themselves a unique nickname to help them get in the barista vibe. Jaehyun with the nickname Jaerista and Johnny going with Johrista. They looked extremely interested in learning the process as they listened carefully to the professional barista. Jaehyun and Johnny quickly learned how to make the cappuccino, and fans are sure that it will taste really good.

Try Flying Yoga With Johnny & Mark


On August 17th, 2019, NCT’s Johnny released his on-going YouTube series, Johnny’s Communication Center episode 12 “I Believe I Can Fly ~ Flying Yoga (Aerial Yoga) with Mark,” the lead rapper of the group, as a special guest. During the episode, Johnny and his fellow teammate Mark went to try out a class of aerial yoga or flying yoga and they show fans how fun and relaxing aerial yoga can be. While yoga is often thought to be a calming exercise, Johnny and Mark had the time to get flexible.

Johnny and Mark are wearing matching outfits set out to do some fun and challenging aerial yoga, all while being guided by a highly capable trainer. The two of them first explained what “flying yoga” is. Johhny explained about flying yoga according to the internet, it is “a type of modern yoga developed in 2014” and it combines “traditional yoga, pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock.”

The two idols decided to try the hammocks and get down to some stretchy business. Mark was initially scared the hammock would fall off or rip with his weight, but the instructor said to both Johnny and Mark that they would be fine. From the start of the class, Johnny decided to be playing around and laughing.


The lesson continued, while Johnny and Mark completely enjoyed the new and thrilling experience. The two idols neither have ever gotten flying yoga training before, their superb athleticism helped make the movements slightly easier on them.


Once the two got a hang of how to work the hammock, they tried more advanced poses, like the Spiderman pose, and also the vampire pose, which they absolutely loved. The two soon became entirely captivated by the charm that is flying yoga and were super serious throughout the class. In addition, NCTzens were blessed with Mark and Johnny’s visuals and their sexy muscles.

The particular episode of Johnny’s Communication Center was extra soothing for NCTzens to watch. It is not only because it involved the calming effects of yoga and watching the boys float mid-air in hammocks, but also because it showed Mark and Johnny just being themselves.

Cycle Around The City With Jaemin & Jeno


On October 8th, 2019, NCT Dream shared a Vlog that featured the members, Jeno and Jaemin traveling around. Both of them were cycling from Olympic Park to Misari Speedboat Park along the Han River. NCT Dream fans surely have known that Jeno and Jaemin are close friends. Not only the same age, the idols who were both born in 2000 also underwent training together since they were discovered at the same time.


Riding a bicycle wearing a helmet and goggles, Jeno and Jaemin briefly stopped at Hangang Park. There, they took the time to take pictures before stopping to buy food because Jaemin complained of being hungry. They both bought instant noodles and Jaemin gave tips on cooking instant noodles, namely by not stirring or turning them over while the noodles were cooked. Jaemin’s tips seemed effective because Jeno really enjoyed the noodles that he cooked.


Jeno and Jaemin then continued biking to enter Hanam City and had the wrong track. When they finally reached their destination after taking around 24 km, the two returned to video recording. “When Jaemin spoke, no one could stop him,” commented the fans. “I have never felt so much like a third party like when I saw this video,” said other fans. “I’ll try the ramyeon cooking tips from Jaemin,” another added.

Go To The Aquarium With Doyoung & Jungwoo


On May 1st, 2019, the NCT YouTube channel released a video of NCT 127 Hit The States where NCT members, Doyoung and Jungwoo went to the Aquarium in Atlanta. The video was taken during the NCT North American Tour. There, NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo visit the Georgia Aquarium, taste local food in Atlanta. It was their first time visiting Atlanta and they looked very excited going to the Aquarium. They also said that Atlanta is a very nice place to visit.


Since entering the Aquarium, the two idols already looked excited and fascinated to watch the many different types of fish. They were also carious about unfamiliar fish that they saw in the Aquarium. Doyoung said that he felt like he found something amazing and he felt like he was in space. And they did not forget to take photos with cute and unique poses and backgrounds.

After seeing the aquarium, Doyoung and Jungwoo did not forget to shop for souvenirs, such as T-shirts, matching hoodies, etc. Then they toured the city to enjoy food, such as Grits, Pork Chop and other popular dishes. When they were enjoying their food, they talked about their bucket lists where Doyoung wants to do busking and he wants to travel with his family to Hawai, while Jungwoo wants to go backpacking and travel around the world.


After eating, Doyoung and Jungwoo went to ride a Ferris Wheel for their final schedule that day.

Guess Popular Items From 1990 With Jisung & Chenle


On October 2nd, 2019, NCT Dream‘s Jisung and Chenle shared a video on YouTube that shows a bit of time traveling back into the 1990s, Back To The 1990s for Chenji’s This And That. The two idols were given old-school items like an MP3 player, web camera, and other items.


The two idols managed to make their fans laugh with their cute and hilarious behavior when they looked confused and unfamiliar with the items from the 1990s. Jisung spotted the floppy disks, he had no idea what the items’ name is. Jisung and Chenle were born in 2001 and 2002, respectively, and they really had never seen the items from the 1990s before. Jisung initially thought the item had to be related to a USB and assumed the S in the name stood for small.


Since the floppy disks were bigger, Jisung confidently said that it would be called a UBB, which made Chenle laugh out loud. Although Jisung was proud of the name he came up with, Chenle could not stop laughing at Jisung’s opinion. But actually, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, something that many people would not know about it. NCTzents also could not stop laughing at Jisung when he tried to explain his cute name for the item. In addition, the two young members of NCT shared their Back to the 1990s part #2 episode on October 30th, 2019.

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