Check Out NCT’s Taeyong’s ‘Long Flight’ and His Other Solo Songs!

Taeyong’s Latest News

After seeing all the solo projects Taeyong has done apart from his role as a rapper for NCT, you must be wanting to hear more of Taeyong’s rap, since we can never had enough of his rap in any NCT songs. No worries, because rapper Taeyong is always busy working on another solo project. On November 8, 2019, Taeyong was featured on one of the songs for the mixtape called “Mood”, which was done by the male singer from the US, Marteen.

Marteen and Taeyong already knew each other because they had collaborated before. The song by NCT 127, called “What We Talkin About”, was released in October 2018, and featured Marteen. Now Taeyong is being featured in Marteen’s mixtape.

If you’re curious about how the song turned out, let’s take a listen to the song called “Mood”!

What do you think about the song? Marteen’s voice supports the song’s chill vibe, and will make you feel like you are on a beach, enjoying your life. What’s better is Taeyong’s rap, that also matched with the vibe and totally brings you a good mo-o-o-o-ood.

That’s all the news about Taeyong’s solo rap that we have for you. What do you think about it all? Let’s hope that Taeyong will collaborate with a lot of artists in the future, so that we can hear more of his rapping. Fighting Taeyong!